64gb SDXC Card Not Recognized?

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    Normally, I wouldn't ask for help like this, but I'm at wits end. I have a CFW 3DS XL (old version) and have been using a 32gb Sandisk Ultra SD Card, which works flawlessly. Things are starting to fill up a bit, so I purchased a 64GB Sandisk Ultra SDXC card. Unfortunately, the 3DS (and a 2DS) will not read the card. I have formatted it to Fat32 with both 32kb, and 64kb cluster size, still resulting in fail. I have used Mini Partition Wizard, and also guiformat as well. I haven't tried a command line format, but I think at this point, if a gui solution didn't work, that won't either. Could be wrong though?

    Is it possible this particular card will just never work? It was purchased from Amazon, so I know it's not a knock off card or anything.

    Any suggestions are appreciated!
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    Sorry, didn't realize I posted this to the incorrect forum. Please delete and I will post in the correct place.
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    I encountered the same issue.
    And what is strange that not other topics treats about this.
    I just discover myself and it works:
    Use Mini Patition Magic Wizards and format it in fat 32, and the most important thing is to select "primary" partion instead of "logical" which is the default.
    And all my sd or micro sd 64 or 128 all works !
    Good luck
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    wow great tutorial! tu!
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    The consoles should recognise the SD card if it's formatted to fat32...
    Try scanning it with h2testw, maybe the SDcard is faulty
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    Sep 19, 2013
    Is "logical" a gpt partition or something?
  7. Originality

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    Primary/Logical paritions are an MBR thing, as GPT drives don't have such distinctions. IIRC, MBR drives (and, by extension, flash drives it seems, although I've never heard of that before) can have up to four Primary partitions before it needs to split its last partition into an Extended partition divided up by a number of Logical partitions. GPT can have theoretically unlimited uniquely identified partitions that are only limited by the OS (128 IIRC for Windows).

    I remember reading before that flash drives normally cannot have multiple partitions and need specialised software to create ghost partitions for use with emuNAND and the likes. That said, I never looked into what you need to prepare SDXC cards for use with 3DS (which officially only supports SDHC). I heard many got it working just by formatting it with a third party app, but I never looked into it.