5.3.2, hacking and youtube & netflix

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    Nov 21, 2015
    Just got a 5.3.2 wii, loadiine works fine and life its good, but when i try to open youtube and or netflix it states that it needs an update.

    There is some way just to update netflix and youtube and keep on 5.3.2 ?

    Thanks a lot.
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    1) spoof your system version.
    make your console think you are already using 5.5.0 but you are still 5.3.2

    2) use NNU patcher to get access to eshop and download netflix.

    3) control your download queue, you should see your app downloaded from eshop, not the system update.
    Being in a spoof mode does not prevent updating to real 5.5.0 ! be careful not to trigger the update.

    There are threads with methods and tools to do this.

    I had to delete netflix first, then download it again because I didn't find an "update" button on eshop.
    I preferred the old interface :(
    But at least, wiiu version is better than PS4! no auto-play when looking at the video description so it doesn't mark it as watched.

    Note that launching netflix still tells me that there's an update but asks me if I want to launch it anyway.
    Maybe there's really another new update since last week...
    or maybe it's detecting that WiiU is not really 5.5.0 and asks to update the console instead. Just choose "launch anyway".

    I just checked, and there's really a new netflix update!
    but if you have v144 it allows you to launch it without updating to v176.
    if you have v96 you can't launch it anymore. (it froze at login if I did, they probably disabled old app versions)
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