4 is an Unlucky Number: Yet Another Discord Server

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Hi! Didn't know where else to really post this, and there have been Discord invite threads in the EoF before, so I just put this here.

Anyways, 4 is an Unlucky Number is, as the name suggests, my 4th Discord server thus far.


All of my previous servers died and faded into inactivity, mainly due to chains of stupid decisions made on my part, as well as a lack of members. Of particular note was my second server named the "Sixth Circle of Hell," where I advertised it via a shitpost, ironically calling it gay several times. You guys might even remember that post. Obviously, that didn't work, and some poor souls joined actually joined think it was a server for legit gay individuals. I still feel kinda guilty about that to be honest...

Anyways, I'm trying to rectify past mistakes with this server (because I obviously don't know when to quit with these things). This server has several features, including:
  • Channels for general talk, music and video sharing, and video game discussion.
  • A few bots to hopefully keep guests entertained (Tatsumaki, my own BepisBot, etc.)
  • Music VC, along with FredBoat, for group music listening.
  • A channel dedicated towards git updates; you can request to have your own project featured there.
If you have any ideas for the server or anything, be sure to let me know. I'm open to suggestions.
Anyways, here's the invite link: https://discord.gg/kTjv7CF

Good luck, and hopefully have fun!
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