4.21+ eboot fix

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    Oct 30, 2012
    My PS3 is on rebug 4.81, I have been trying to get ICO - [BCJS30070] and Shadow of the Colossus - [BCJS30071] to work on my PS3. I have tried everything, I have checked the psarcs to see they are joined, checked the param.sfo to check the resolutions are compatible, I have told Irisman, Managunz, sonicmanager etc to all try and patch the eboot and re-sign, but to no avail. After downloading the updates for both games the backup loaders stop spitting out full errors and fail on black screen instead. I would appreciate if anyone would know whats going on.

    I think from what I have read that SONY nuked some eboot files for older games on firmware prior to 4.21. If this is true then the games having 3.66 base firmware and 4.20 update firmware would make sense that the game wont boot from a HDD due to nuked eboots. I assume that the reason the discs still run is due to a different safety check between HDD launch and BD launch. I have been able to find opoisso patched eboots for the EU and US version of the games, but nothing on the Japanese version beyond adware chinese piracy sites which is not help really.

    I imagine that in the past this was quiet a big issue in the scene, but the lack of info on this either means I'm wrong about the pre and post 4.21 eboots, or that the issue was fixed along the way. (Could also be that the PS3 scene is shit, and everyone pirates instead of ripping backups so they never encountered this issue). But seeing the option to patch eboots in various backup loader has me thinking I'm right about it, and that this feature fixed the problem. My problem is that this option throws a fail across the board for both games. I don't know how the backup loaders implement the fix, but seeing as how the speed is pretty fast for other games I would say its all local, and that the loader runs a script to patch the eboots on the fly. So since an online database is not to blame (this is an obscure game but database checkers and integrity verifyers by aldostool and in loaders recognize the games) then I next looked at the script being game dependent stored locally, but I think it is a pretty unified solution, so The big issue I think for these games not being able to be patched by the eboot fixers in loader is due to the games eboots being in Japanese.

    So my big question to everyone is what to do with these games. I can't try multiman because the install fails no matter what I do, I ripped the games with my LG drive since the multiman copy function was out of reach, so the only work around i can see is make the two games into ISO's and see if they work (Which I'am doing now), get multiman to work (unlikely), or can you keep a pre 4.21 cfw around to install with its own compatible loaders just for non ebout fixable games? but that seems like a crap solution. (I could look for a PSN version of the Japanese games, but they have the same issues that the EU and US release have, Limp noodle grip).

    So can anyone shed some light on things?