4.1U downgrade\iso loader question...

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    I installed the homebrew channel on my wii (which is running firmware version 4.1u).

    I have looked through some guides, but I am little bit confused.

    I am wondering if someone could answer the following questions for me:

    1.) Is it possible to install an ISO loader that runs on 4.1u?

    2.) Is it possible to downgrade 4.1u to 3.2u (I heard that 3.2u is the best for homebrew)? If so, what tools\guides should I use to do this?

    3.) Are there any precautions that I should take?

    4.) What is an IOS?

    5.) What is a cIOS?

    6.) What is a NAND?

    7.) Is there any other helpful information that you could provide me?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you.
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    Pretty much anything can be done on up to date firmwares.

    Don't downgrade to 3.2 ESPECIALLY IF YOU RECENTLY BOUGHT YOUR WII. Downgrading recent Wii's that have boot2v4 will brick them. Downgrading isn't necessary at all and you actually get more with 4.1 since you have the SD card menu.

    Don't uninstall IOS's or pretty much anything that you aren't sure you can uninstall. Most anything on your Wii can and should be installed over, not removed. If you can install bootmii to boot2 on your Wii, that is the best precaution you can take, but it cannot be installed to boot2 on Wii's with boot2v4. Preloader is the next best option, but will not survive any sort of system menu update. Knowledge is the best precaution.

    IOS's are kinda like drivers on a computer. The Wii needs different IOS's to do various things. The system menu on 4.0/4.1 is run off of IOS60 (NEVER EVER DELETE THIS IOS OR ANYTHING LIKE CIOS60 OR ANYTHING RELATED TO IT AT ALL) Other IOS's are used for other things such as Wii Speak using IOS37 I think and other stuff like that. Currently there are around like 20 or so official IOS's that the system uses for these various tasks. Make sure you know what you're doing when messing around with these.

    cIOS's are custom IOS's that are basically official IOS's that are patched and modified and installed to an unused IOS slot (typically IOS249 for all of Waninkoko's cIOS revisions) so they do not tamper with the official IOS's on your system at all. A cIOS revision is necessary to do most useful things on your Wii such as playing backups or installing wad's and whatnot.

    NAND is your Wii's entire flash memory. It is generally talked about when talking about bootmii. If you have a boot2 installation of bootmii and you use it to make a NAND backup of your Wii, you are pretty much 100% protected from getting bricked, as no matter what you do to your system short of uninstalling bootmii, you can always access the bootmii menu (as the boot2 version comes up before the system menu) and use that to restore that NAND backup, bringing your Wii back to exactly how it was at that working state you made the backup at in the first place. Think of NAND backups as system restore points.

    First thing you should do is run the hackmii installer and see if you can install bootmii to boot2. If you can, do it and then use it to make a NAND backup. If not, it won't be much use to you so you can just skip it.

    Then run WiiPowers Trucha Bug Restorer and use it to downgrade IOS15, use that IOS15 to install an IOS36 with the Trucha Bug intact, and then restore IOS15. Just follow this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltrd3oq8hPc...re=channel_page

    Then run the cIOS rev14 installer and have it use IOS36 and do a network installation. (provided you have an internet connection on your Wii.)


    At this point you can use any backup/usb loader to play your games. Use NeoGamma R6 for disc based loading or USB Loader GX for USB loading.
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    Why give old school instructions?

    from a 4.1 menu with hbc, you can just use Dop-IOS and upgrade/reinstall every IOS to the latest version with trucha patched. Takes 15 minutes tops. That and install preloader and set it to use IOS249 (after installing cIOS rev14) and channel loading works too.

    For the most part anyway... Ghostbusters still gives me a hard time. I have to use neogamma and eject the disk right before the wrist strap screen comes up in order to get it to load :/
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    The Trucha Bug Restorer is old school instructions now? It's not even a month old