3DS XL Upper Screen Scratch/Mark - Advice Please? :)

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    Aug 10, 2009
    Greetings readers!

    Currently I have a 3DS XL, but have recently noticed a small mark on the lower right side of the top screen.
    Am pretty sure this is due to the lower screen (or frame around it) pressing onto it (likely caused by the free 3DS case that came with Official Nintendo Magazine somewhat ironically...)

    I've emailed Nintendo with the description & they've recommended to send it in for a free assessment, & if covered by warranty (from Amazon so think have the sticker thing with the box somewhere), will fix/replace for free.
    [This is Nintendo of Europe - more specifically the UK, whereas it used to be German-based I think]

    Does anyone have any experience of damage such as this?
    (I can upload a pic of the damage - the line itself does appear to be beneath the screen though)

    Or having dealt with repairs by Nintendo? European or otherwise!

    Also, if it were to be sent, the likelihood of it being fixed for free?
    I would prefer it be fixed than replaced really....sentimentality I suppose!

    And also, if it were to be sent off, is there any key advice as regards backing up data from my 3DS beforehand? (Other than moving whatever is movable to the SD)

    Kind regards, any opinions & advice is appreciated - Thank you! :)