3DS XL touchscreen feeling "soft" when using stylus.

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  1. panther_512

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    Jun 17, 2006
    Hello guys,

    a few days ago, I purchased the 3DS XL Fire Emblem Limited Edition.

    From the first time I started using it, I immediately noticed that the touchscreen feels different compared to my DS Lite when using the stylus.

    The problem is with the digitizer of the 3DS's screen. The digitizer for those that don't know, is the transparent touch-sensitive film that sits above the actual screen.

    Well, it seems that the digitizer doesn't make 100% contact with the screen under it. It feels like there is space between them. I would guess something between 0.1mm-0.3mm.

    As a result, when you touch the screen with the stylus, you have this slight feeling that the point of the screen that you touch goes downwards just a little bit, until the digitizer touches the screen.

    The result is that the touchscreen feels "soft" when you use the stylus and not like solid glass, which is the case with the DS Lite I own.

    This behavior of the digitizer is worse the closest you get to the center of the screen.

    The actual performance and touch-sensitivity of the screen is good, but not exceptional compared to my DS lite.

    Nevertheless, this is a quality control problem of the touchscreen, or a limitation of the manufacturing process.

    Did anyone else noticed the same behavior with his touchscreen of his 3DS XL?

    I have to notice, that if you don't have a DS to compare the screens, or if this is your first Nintendo handheld, it's more than certain than even if you do experience this kind of behavior from the screen, you'll think it is absolutely normal.
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    3DS screens have always been a tad "plushy". If you're looking for a gaming device with a VERY good, responsive, and hard (as in not "floppy", like the 3DS one,) touch screen, might I recommend the PlayStation Vita? :)
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    My normal size 3DS is the same way.
  4. panther_512

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    Jun 17, 2006
    You are the second person who tells me that the same problem occurs with the normal 3DS.

    That's a shame.....

    I think that the build quality of the 3DS (normal & XL) is a little bit lower than the exceptional quality of the DS Lite, DSi
  5. Duo8

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    Jul 16, 2013
    I know that feeling. Maybe it's because the 3DS's screen is more sensitive. I don't like that glass-hard feeling anyway.
    Also, I think 3DS's build quality's better than the DSi. My DSi, despite only a few month older than my 3DS, already has all kinds of problems ( especially the L/R button).