3DS XL Bad Unit?

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    I've had my second-hand 3DS XL Red/Black (1st red/black model. not newer model that is out) for about a year now and it was on 4.5. I bought a Gateway for it and have been playing my 3DS on and off for a year. Just this month I started playing it again. Playing for about 2 weeks now. And twice (yesterday and today) I've experienced my 3DS just shut off while playing my backup of Smash Bros 3DS. The battery was at least half-full in both occasions. It's the only game I've tried playing on my gateway since I started again so I can try another but has anyone experienced their 3DS or 3DS XL just shutting off? My emuNAND is on 9.7.0-25U (which happens to be the latest fw as of today). Also I noticed that my Gateway unit is loading the selected game longer than usual and then when starting the game I have a black screen for about 15 seconds before the game starts. I don't remember this being the case when I bought my Gateway a year ago. I have kept the Gateway inside my 3DS all this time (for a year) so i don't know if these two issues are related to my 3DS shutting off randomly.
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    Do the speakers make an audible popping sound just as it shuts off? If so, it could be that the speaker cable is damaged or may be getting pinched. This is likely the case if the problem only occurs when you adjust the position of the hinge.

    Otherwise it could possibly just be the battery. It couldn't hurt to open the back cover to try removing it and reseating it. I know it sounds overly simple, but sometimes it can come a bit loose, especially when playing a game like Smash during which time you might be gripping the console very tightly or moving it about as you play.