3DS Won't Turn on With SD Card Inserted?

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    I installed some CFW for a friend the other day. He was downloading a few games through the Freeshop, then freeshop did an update, then no games would install... Then the 3DS wouldn't boot at all with the SD in. The SD Card Corrupted.

    I took the 3DS back, replaced everything again (3ds, a9lh folder, a9lh.bin, boot.3dsx, luma and installed the FBA, Luma updater + Freeshop) on a 32 GB Card FAT32 formatted Card and basically the exact same thing happened. He told me he was downloading games, freeshop updated, he downloaded some more then errors occurred. He bought a new SD Card and transferred everything over to it. Another Class 10 32GB card.

    With the New card, the freeshop STILL isn't working properly, but all the apps I installed and previously installed games are there. One was corrupted but he deleted it.

    If he has the SD Card in the console at boot it doesn't start. He has to take the card out to boot, then put it back in. 3DS.guide was followed to install everything, so A9LH loads on boot without the SD Card inserted, right? The Luma A9LH is in the CTRNAND.

    He copied everything from the second card that stopped working onto the new one, so I'm at a loss...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Just because you copied the files over doesn't mean anything if the arm9loaderhax.bin file on the root of the SD card is corrupted itself. Download the latest Luma and replace the file.
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    Do you have to replace the arm9loaderhax.bin.bak or just the arm9loaderhax.bin?