3DS won't boot

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    Feb 21, 2016
    Another "my 3ds isn't working" thread but this one isn't for me, it's for someone who doesn't have an account and won't make one. XD

    So we got hit with the banwave. Yeah okay we deserved it, and it was no surprise as we both checked our friends list and we were both banned.

    However, me (old 3DS XL, 11.4U B9S) was able to unban using the friendcodeseed method.

    He (New 3DS, 11.4E B9S) booted GodMode9 so he could make a NAND backup. He pressed Home > More > Backup NAND, and that was it. Prior to this NAND backup, the 3DS was working absolutely fine. The backup completed.. tried to reboot.. and it wouldn't. Black screen, blue LED light. Payloads still work but the system won't boot. Tried to restore an older backup. Still black screen. CTRTransfer. Still black screen. Nothing seems to work but nothing happened.

    Someone shed some light on this and help resolve it?