3DS UK version + TheCloud

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    This is slightly different from the question I posted at Ask! GBAtemp.
    There are, what, 2000 TheCloud hotspots over the UK. Say if I went into McDonalds; would I be able to instantly connect to WiFi Zone - TheCloud using my 3DS automatically, or would I need to put details in like OpenZone?

    After this, am I essentially guaranteed that my 3DS Will pick up SpotPass right over the UK, wherever I go? Say I pass outside a Caffe Nero with my 3DS, and that has a WiFi Zone - TheCloud- will I be able to instantly connect to it via SpotPass without even taking my 3DS out of my pocket?

    I saw the "Location Types" thing on TheCloud's HotSpot finder- is this of any relevance as to which ones I can connect to, or can I connect to the lot?

    Click on Tempy to see this hotspot locator pic.