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    Dec 31, 2015
    United States
    since im getting a bunch of games and later i be upgrading my sky3ds to a 32GB or maybe 64GB

    i want to know if this is right, just a simple answer since i understand most of this hacking the 3ds stuff. i be using my 16GB card on my 3ds xl, my 8GB has my emunand

    can i back up my emunand, place it into my computer, put in my 16GB to the 3ds (with the homebrew and all) format the card so it will have that partition (put my shit back into the card plus the emunand in its place) then clone it to emunand, will that work or is there more into this stuff

    another question, i might as well be prepared for this encase of a act of god and some things like that
    who can i hire to hardmod my 3ds so i can have access to the sysnand, cause i know if i have to replace my 3ds, it will be a pain in the ass to find one with firmware 9.2. before i even think of going to that, if the new system has the latest ver. i send it in to have it hardmod, can i put in my master sysnand into that 3ds so i can have access to my cfw and all (i do not wish to go through that nightmaire getting it downgraded and getting the cfw on it lol)

    thanks :)
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