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Discussion in '3DS - Games & Content' started by Thesolcity, Sep 2, 2011.

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  1. Thesolcity

    Thesolcity Wherever the light shines, it casts a shadow.

    Oct 2, 2010
    United States
    San Miguel
    Eh, don't know if its been posted already or not but in the NES games if you hold L & R you can then press Y to switch between players.

    ...Thought I'd let you Mario lovers at least know. [​IMG]
  2. angelzbl0od

    angelzbl0od Member

    Aug 22, 2011
    United States
    New York
    Awesome!!!! Now if only there was a way to play online with a friend that would be real impressive.
  3. Vulpes Abnocto

    Vulpes Abnocto Drinks, Knows Things

    Former Staff
    Jun 24, 2008
    United States
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