Hacking 3DS FW<9.2 to N3DS FW 9.5 Transfer


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Feb 13, 2015
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I'm sure this is a question that is going to pop up numerous times today.
I am extremely interested in the hacking and CFW scenes, and have been following them on every console.
Youll have to excuse me, but I am getting into the 3DS scene a bit later than I would have liked.

That being said:
  • N3DS XL on 9.0U -> Updated it to 9.5 OFW
  • 3DS XL on 9.2U -> Still as I left it.
I would love to transfer my Nintendo Account to my N3DS so I can continue playing games legit.
If I do that right now, I would need to update to 9.5 (latest OFW to connect to internet, and do system transfer)
i'm wondering what my options are. Based on my reading on the emuNand and sysnand situations, and FW Flashcards will run on:
  • Downgrade my 9.2 to 4.5, and run a 9.5 Sysnand so I can get online, and do the transfer.
    • I have no idea if this si doable because of the encryption keys used, and various file systems altered by doing a downgrade and setting up customer nands.
  • Buy a GW or SKY (something that can still run on 9.5), so I can just upgrade to 9.5 and do this transfer simply.
  • Call nintendo, and tell them I lost it or something so they can help transfer my system.
    • I would lose my save data, which I would at least love to keep for just the 1 game I am curently playing, but many others as well.
My end goal: use my old XL for homebrew, ROMs, etc. Use my N3DS legit, online, with my nintendo account in tact, and still able to play retail games on this version.
I've read about not being able to play retail games and such on the old one. Not worried about that. That's why I still have 1.
So gbatemp 3ds community, can you help me out here?

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