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    This is my first post here so I hope this is good.


    Elf-2-Cia Builder does exactly what it says. It takes a 3DS .elf Homebrew file and Builds it into a .cia file for use with Cia Installers on the Nintendo 3DS.

    How To Use

    Drag your .elf file into the "stuffs" folder and rename it to Game.elf. Next Go into the "files" folder and feel free to edit all the banner files inside. To edit the Title and Creator that will show up on the home menu, right click build-Elf-2-Cia.bat and click edit. Go to the spot where it says "@bannertool makesmdh -s "Homebrew" -l "Homebrew" -p "Smea" -i ../files/icon.png -o ../tmp/icon.bin". Edit BOTH spots where it says "Homebrew" and type in the Name of your Homebrew. Type where it says "Smea" your User Name. After your done editing go back and run build-Elf-2-Cia.bat.It should should just take a few minutes/seconds to build. When it is done, you can install it onto your 3ds.


    Programming - Mido_345 (Me),Rinnegatamante
    (For creating the original software that this is based off.)

    Software Used

    This software is an edited version of another piece of software which converts MP4 videos to Cia.

    This software also comes makerom and 3dstool, so you do NOT need to download those pieces of software.

    Download (For Windows Only): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwMzMaUEsIbfVGpWYnI0ZENuaGM/view?usp=sharing
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