3DS deleted my SD card files?

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    Nov 29, 2013
    I borrowed my friend's 3DS to put some games on it using CFW that I set up over a year ago. She asked me to delete a couple games she doesn't play so I went into emunand, settings, data management and deleted about 5 games. One of the games she asked me to delete wasn't in that list so I thought maybe it was some eshop title that she downloaded via her sysnand. So I restarted the system, went directly to settings, data management, 3ds software (not in cfw emunand) and after about 1 minute of "thinking" it reported that there was no software on the SD card. I noticed that the free 'blocks' went from about 80,000 to 170,000. I was confused so I went back to emunand and it told me no software was installed there either.

    I popped the SD card into my PC and it has about 15 GB less data on it than before. Unfortunately I didn't back up the Nintendo 3DS folder on the SD card. Did the 3DS just delete all the CIA software installed to the SD card? Save games too? Why? Did I do something wrong?