3DS Circle Pad close to breaking?

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    So I've found myself with a little bit of a dilemma and figured I should ask around for advice on the situation.

    So for a while now I've been saving up toward investing in a 3DS capture board to be installed in my existing, "Old" 3DS XL. I've had the console since the original XL model released, and it has caused me no problems, even when playing Smash.

    Though I've not played Smash 3DS for months now, I've run into a bit of an anomaly with the hardware. Last month while playing Mario & Luigi I noticed that during my play session my ability to move the circle pad was impeded for some reason as it could barely move around at all. With cautious wiggling of the circle pad, a small, black chunk of plastic fell out from underneath the circle pad, which was the culprit. The circle pad can now freely move again and I've had no problems since.

    What concerns me though is whether or not this small piece of plastic having fallen out is a potential indicator that the circle pad or underlying plastic that supports it is on its way out. This is the only reason I've held off on the idea of wanting to send off my current 3DS XL to get fitted with a capture board, as it might backfire and in the very near future the console's circle pad breaks off or suffers some form of irreversible damage.

    I've included some pics showing what the little plastic chunk looks like, and the same piece of plastic on top of the circle pad for size comparison. I tried rotating the circle pad around to get a picture of any possible cracks or missing plastic underneath, but I cannot visibly see any, so it's possibly in the circle pad's blind spot.


    I am considering just replacing the current 3DS XL with a replacement console just to be on the safe side, but I would like to ask for some feedback first. Thanks!
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    Your topic title is completely incorrect its not close to breaking it is broken!.

    None the less I'd either send it in for repair (High chance of them updating it if an Update is to come out before it returns) Or buy a New 3DS (As it can do more and 10.3 EmuNAND is coming soon)
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    looks like a chunk of the bottom part of the circle pad, thankfully nothing electronic, see the last pics.
    if you don't mind opening it up you can swap it out yourself, otherwise if it works ok then i wouldn't worry about it. the only potential problems i see is if some smaller bits are still rattling around inside, and possible issues down the line like the pad sticking again.
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    Alright, that is very reassuring. I'll go ahead with the capture card modification. Worst case scenario, I can get a replacement circle pad later on. Thanks! :D
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    Clearly, you dont need a thread to figure out the obvious answer of the question in the title.