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    Aug 18, 2012
    Good Day, Everyone!

    Can i ask some questions regarding my problem with region free from the tube hax by sir Smea?

    i have this old 3ds w/ fw 9.9 EU, my problem is i have a US Version of SSB, gamecard, the thing is that i use the tube hax and the Region free app to load my cart, but the problem is that it won't read the UPDATE Data that i downloaded from the ESHOP, and it won't save the data and the changes i made. whenever i turn off my 3ds and boot again, it'll ask me about that License Agreement thingy which is i did accept earlier but when i reset and boot again, it will ask me again, and when i select "I Accept", it will give me a message that "You must accept .. .. . " and yeah i just did but it keeps giving me that error.

    Any solution or ideas? Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: I did read the FAQ about the RegionFree in GH, and i didn't see any message stating this problem, about reading data and saves.
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    Updates will not work with Out Of Region games. As for save data, idk
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    The only way I know of to remove the license agreement prompt permanently is to use the Config app from the SDK tools, but since you're on 9.9 that's not an option for you. Normally that prompt appears when you try to launch the game, but since you're using region free it bypasses that prompt which I guess is why you get it the next time you power on the 3DS instead.
  4. JoshuaKimBacquer

    JoshuaKimBacquer Member

    Aug 18, 2012
    i see, i thought it was only the DLC that couldn't be loaded. and now the game asks me to update or else i can't save xD .

    Thanks for the response :)

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    Yeah, it was my bad really. i was on 9.2 SYSNAND and i did update with the thing in mind that im on emunand, and now here i am, stuck on 9.9 :/ well i guess that's why. thanks :)
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