3D Boxarts for week 31 (USB Loader GX)

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by DSE, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. DSE

    DSE Member

    Apr 20, 2009

    RVFP7J - Bigfoot Collision Course (PAL)
    R72P5G - Cake Mania: In The Mix (PAL)
    RVNP20 - Calvin Tuckers Redneck Jamboree (PAL)
    RC9EGN - CID The Dummy (USA)
    R9RPNG - Dance Party: Pop Hits
    R5OXUG - Farmyard Party (PAL)(Multi8)
    RUEP4Q - G-Force (PAL)
    RQBXUG - Kawasaki Quad Bikes (PAL)(Multi6)
    RJOJJ9 - Kyoufu Taikan Juon (JPN)
    RLJPKM - Line Rider Freestyle (PAL)
    RMHJ08 - Monster Hunter 3 (JPN)
    RPVPKM - Purr Pals (PAL)
    RZKP7J - Puzzle Kingdoms (PAL)
    R34E69 - Rock Band Country Pack (USA)
    R77JAF - SD Gundam G Generation Wars (JPN)
    R4VJAF - Tere Shibai Wii (JPN)
    RUQP78 - UP (PAL)

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  2. zorglub07

    zorglub07 GBAtemp Fan

    Apr 11, 2007
    Thanks for the IDs, I had Bigfoot Collision Course listed as RVFP20...
    Ju-on is RJOJJ9
    Purr Pals (PAL) is RPVP4Z
  3. pepxl

    pepxl GFX W!Z4RD

    Jun 19, 2009
    just a thought but instead of making a new thread for each week and spamming why dont you just use the same thread but update it???????????
  4. DSE

    DSE Member

    Apr 20, 2009
    It's easier to gain an overview of the latest releases, instead of looking through hundreds of images.
    If you concider it spam, then skip the topic and look elsewhere. [​IMG]
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