32gb Micro Sd Card and Reader Review

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    Hey GBAtemp,

    This is a quick review for a card reader from Tmart . For a 32gb SD free shipping, this isn’t a bad run. I purchased a 32gb before this from amazon for 19.99 on a good day, without dual SD card reader and adaptor + shipping. I’m very satisfied with what Tmart has to offer.

    The quality is great and the performance better than anticipated. From my experience with certain SD cards and readers, i've realized (for the most part) that brand is just a name, as age is just a number. It just depends on what you’ll be using it for.


    The whole USB is about 2 cm thinner than a reg SD card. I don’t think i've seen any other reader that has both microSD and SD this small and shaped vertically. Not like many flash usb card readers that are shaped to a square or thicker, not allowing you to insert much of anything else into other USB slots if your PC is designed with little space between the slots.

    Overall, I give it a 9/10. It does what it’s suppose to do and more.

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    no read/write speed test?
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    From the picture quality I can't read the class, but my guess is either class 4 or 6.

    And there is a lot in a brand, since many cheaper memory cards use compression to double the capacity of its chips which leads to frequent corruption.