2 gamepads on one Port

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by Naendow, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. Naendow

    Naendow Brick-Master

    Jan 4, 2016
    Hey guys

    I had an idea for hardmodding my NES Mini. I am a noob with stuff like this, so I first need to know if it would be possible to use 2 controllers on one port. Ofc they won't be recognised as 2 different ones, the plan is that they work as they would only one.
  2. Futurdreamz

    Futurdreamz GBAtemp Addict

    Jun 15, 2014
    I doubt it's of any help, but my guess is that soldering the wires to the correct pins will work perfectly, or it will not work at all. No in-between. The CCP uses a digital protocol, and so it's unlikely it will accept anything unusual, and you won't be able to wire a hub because no such thing exists. However, if it's rudimentary enough, It might not differentiate between to different devices connected to the same thning.

    The safest way to test would to be to get two classic controller port extension cables, then wire them together to make a Y-cable. If plugging in both controllers at once works then you're good to go with soldering directly to the connector, otherwise nothing will work.
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