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    Alright, so the last few days I have been researching how to install Homebrew and use other applications to generate Pokemon from gen 3-7. I only have used homebrew on a wii and linux on an xbox so new to this entire process. I just purchased the 2ds XL and the Zelda OoT 2DS green regular one. Sadly my old 3ds was stolen 2 years ago.

    My 2ds OoT regular one now has 11.8 on it witch is probably bad considering the information I have been finding as it was updating. I am a noob to this, and just discovered that the Basehax or ORAS wont work on 11.7 (correct me if im wrong I read something about a payload or idk). So I was bothered, but then noticed the Ninja and Freak games could be used however not in the eshop and expensive as hell for carts. Am I screwed? I know that you can somehow use ORAS or some method if you have a 3DS with homebrew on it witch I do not. I do own DSi XL's , however to my knowledge those were quit hard to exploit.

    I don't care about free games or anything like that. I only wanted to get some pokemon, as I havnt played since emerald and bought, Pearl, Platnium, ORAS, X and Y, Black and also Omega Moon. I bought all those games and the 2ds's in the last month, the DSis the month prior with Pearl version. I'm confused a little frustrated if I cannot get Homebrew for pokemon on at least the 11.7 2ds XL at least I could trade (the reason I got 2 in the first place).

    I did however read that there are 3 way, two using another 3ds with homebrew (not an option unless it can be done via wifi somehow). The other method is using a powerful graphics card. Does anyone know about this? Overloading something somehow?IDK? I am almost done building a PC, I was going to put a linux program on it for my first time (save money after spending some on the PC, and just bought a new laptop and another Version of Windows). Also the graphics card is not anything too crazy, I just wanted it to run Overwatch it is an XFX R7700 Ghost thermal series. I am not the best with PC components either as it was my first one I built, and got the graphics card and motherboard and 18 gigs of ram for 100 bucks because a friends brother I worked with got fired and was desperate for money, I got everything else, and just need to install drivers and OS, little wire management.

    Also with that method, if it works, if that graphics card is good enough I'm thinking my laptops may be powerful enough, as they are pretty bulky for laptops, as far as specs go.

    Please let me know if I can get homebrew on my 2ds anyway possible, except the method of having a 3ds with homebrew, because I don't know anyone who does, in fact only know 1 person with a gameboy at my age lol.

    Also my 2ds xl with 11.7 will not "connect" to internet as my other 11.8 will. My 2ds XL 11.7 knows I need an update for Pokemon Y or at least on the screen and boxs with the game in it, the bottom says it needs an update. My other 2ds was doing the same not connecting to the shop until I clicked the update this was on Pokemon Ruby, now it's 11.8 and 30 mins before I check as it was 11.7. Seriously worse timing ever.

    Will buying an action replay or anything help, rather not spend money.

    Thank you, I greatly appreciate any help, input or a push in the right direction. Time fore sleep its 6:45 AM, I need some sleep, sorry for typos or not making sense, exhausted at this point :/ i'll check back in 4 hours or so hopefully with some good or decent news. Oh yea it is the updates fault not my internet connection, I have Comcast Business running at over 150 Down 75 Up. I was looking forward to streaming and starting my youtube channel back up via the tool the stream to PC from 3ds, also... This blows. Not to mention I was going to edit my website as I did the process, to make a super easy to understand guide for noobs like me, as well as Pokemon guide including PokeGen Pkhex RNGreporter Ect. If worse comes to worse and the graphics overload doesn't work, I have two 2ds's older ones, idk the version because someone ripped me off on ebay and sent two broken ones, wont turn on but charge, stoped taking them apart because DS's are a nightmare on the inside and to put together compared to thers I worked on. Also was thinking If I did system starnsfer from my 1.7 to 1.8 will it reverst to 1.7? thus keeping 1.7 on the current 2ds xl?

    I may test, I never have done this and if wifi is not needed I think it may work, I will not connect to internet to do it. Although they may require me to as they did the shop, and knew I needed an update so it was connected.

    If anyone can help me I litterally will send them Event code for July Target Pokemon event, I have 2 and was saving one for when I get Sun to get Tornadous as moon gives you Thunderous. Hell if you like Pokemon cards, I own a store online selling cards, I could send a couple Black Star Promo Mew cards if your a fan, and old school, the cards from the 1st movie I ran out of ancient mews, also have sealed cards from movies and events, and almost every set complete so If you are a true collector or true TCG player I would be glad to hook people up. I did 700 hours on Pearl, I know it's not optimal for Shinies, however my RNG gave me none while breeding, I guess I will have to just chain and hope the IVs are perfect like the ones I breed. I actually only wabted to do this for Event Pokemon I missed. Speaking on that PM me if your so kind to want to trade, some used carts came with legit shinies I feel I did not earn. I really only wanted a few Pokemon made, and all the Events I missed, as well as very time consuming competitive pokemon. I will be so happy if this works, or someone helps, I been waiting a long time to do this and litterally worse timing ever. Maybe I'll have to find an old 3ds on let it go or Ebay and sell my 11.8 OoT one, sure I can get 80 for it sold as new in box.

    EDIT-Using Steel Driver for homebrew, keep posted, using 11.8 2ds as it's cheaper lol and cannot access eshop on 11.7. I may try to either system transfer and depending on how that works depends on my next steps, to try and CFW. System transfer all depends on my if it changes the version, witch I dont know 100%. I hope if I can get it on 11.8 I can system transfer to 11.7 leaving it at 11.7 I will lose about 15 bucks in purchases, but if its viable for my precious pokemon I will do it, after some more research. Also the overload of the graphics look into that. If that worked for Homebrew in a time no way was possible to download Homebrew without another system with homebrew, that would be great if it could work with custom firmware. Witch i'm not even sure what I need for Pokemon. Hopefully it works out, i'll stay up for a week straight until I figure this out. I knew I should have practiced Python more fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.
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