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    Oct 6, 2009
    The more reviews for specific companies, the more informed people are. [​IMG]

    I received a 3in1 recently from 0shippingzone, but sadly after playing a game for a while it broke. I did some troubleshooting and realised that it was stuffed.

    So, I emailed 0shippingzone at 2010-01-07 18:06:09.

    On 8 January 2010 03:27 (a little over 9 hours) I got a reply, and even though it didn't take long for them to reply, they apologised for taking so long. [​IMG]

    The first reply had the full address and phone number of 0shippingzone for me to send the defective 3in1.

    I had a couple of questions: The 3in1 came with a DS lite stylus, I wondered if I could get a DS Phat one but due to limited English I decided to drop the subject. They did however offer to give me a DSi stylus.

    Either way, this conversation was carried out with their replies to my emails appearing within 10 minutes (one was only 3 minutes!). Once again, excellent support.

    I've sent it off now, and will report back about how long it takes to get back to me.

    So far, my dealings with 0shippingzone customer support have been absolutely excellent. They're prompt, polite and, despite slight errors, have great English.

    P.S. Sending stuff to China: Remember to put, very clearly, "PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF CHINA" on the package.