007: Quantum of Solace

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    May 27, 2009
    I'm on site 6 on 007: QoS on the Wii and can't get any further. I'm supposed to jump on a moving van, just simply isn't fast enough. and I don't know how to be any faster.

    According to this walkthrough, it should be no biggie. Perhaps a bug when loading game from USB?

    So, this is what I do: Run as fast as possible down the stair, make the jump, push the door open, get on the scissor elevator, cut its cables. Right there is a small cut scene showing the villain running away with a white van going his direction from behind, while Bond jumps off the scissor elevator. It doesn't matter how fast you are up to this point, because the van always passes at the same time during the cutscene. What's left for me to do to finish the level is to run to the moving van and jump up on the back of it. I am like 1 meter (3 feet) short! Every time!

    Perhaps I've not noticed the "run" button?

    EDIT: Sprint = A. Got it [​IMG]