0.3 Gamma Loader Config Screen Freeze - Bizarre Problem Alert!

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by S.Bear, Apr 4, 2009.

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    Mar 15, 2009
    My friend has a rather bizarre problem with his softmodded NTSC Wii. Whenever he holds down (1) on the wiimote to get into the backup launcher config menu,
    the screen will freeze, it shows the config menu but with none of the options. The controls are unresponsive and a hard reset is needed to get the Wii going again.

    Config Screen Freeze - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=BVOZEVZI

    Here are some details:

    NTSC Wii
    Firmware 3.2U
    Gamma Loader Autoboot .dol
    Gamma Loader Autoboot Channel
    cIOS 249 rev 9 (originally on rev 7, error occurred then as well)

    Loader was working fine 3 hours previously
    Loader still boots if (1) is not held thus bypassing the config menu, but only in PAL which my TV does not support.
    I replaced loader with an AUTOBOOT NTSC .dol but strangely it gets stuck at the config screen as before. It's like
    it's refusing to boot in NTSC or something.

    I removed the gamma loader channel, upgraded to cIOS249 rev9 and replaced the 0.3g dol file with a fresh one
    this was to make sure that none of the files were corrupted...but nope the error still happens.

    Finally, if i leave the frozen config screen on I get a code dump error. I'm really sorry about the picture quality by the way
    but my friend says that he only has a poor quality camera to take pictures with. Also, i know its really stupid to only have
    the pictures on download but the links i put in using the 'insert image' tool weren't showing up.


    I thought that updating the cIOS and replacing the dol and wad files would have fixed this problem, but they haven't
    and the fact that it still freezes at the config screen when using an Autoboot NTSC boot.dol file is perplexing. Beyond
    removing all homebrew off of his console and starting again, I can't imagine what else i can do.

    Can anyone help me with this problem, is there another option besides a complete re-install of homebrew channel, cIOS etc?

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    Do you have any gamecube memory cards plugged in? If so, unplug them and try again.