Why i get the Error Message CE-38613-1?

Why i get the Error Message CE-38613-1?

Nov 21, 2019
Hello together ^-^¥ Maybe someone has Experience with this Problem.

Now when i trying to install new game titles i get the error Message CE-38613-1...

I am using the normal Packet Installer over the Debug Settings with newest HEN Exploit. It is looking that my internal or the maybe the Firmware has a kind of block integrated so that i am now over a limit or something.
Attempts which are working to install new game titles is to deleting old ones and then i can installing several new titles again but then the Limitation is coming also again from somewhere with this blocking Message over the Package Installer. At the moment i have 600gb free internal space for installing games but cant still installing new Titles and get this Error Message unfortunately. I am using APPtoUSB when the internal is full and linking the Titles to the external. Also i tried a other HDD to install new game titles on it but without success too same Mistake Massage incoming (error Message CE-38613-1).

External HDD: WD 20 Terrabyte
internal: original 1 Terra with PS4 pro

Has someone Ideas what that could be or Solution Possibilities for this Kind of Problem? I cant find a solution in any forum for this problem. Thanks in Advance, I appreciate your Help.

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