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    Hacking Can I install Darkcorp 1.1?

    dont know if you can. but if you can... DO NOT!! darkcorp installs cIOS to many different IOS which is NOT needed (and may cause issues with other hacks depending on the individual setup). just install d2x following a guide provided here at gbatemp. use a usbloader (preferably wiiflow lol) and...
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    Hacking Has 'N' given up on the wii?

    run hackmii installer and automatically bricks your wii with bootmii/ios installation, thats wonderful.
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    Hacking Adjusting POT

    when reading your post i was going to suggest searching, but seems you tried already.
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    Hacking Where do Wads install to?

    you have it wrong, nand emulation is safer
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    Hacking port 1 base

    i have experience with port 1 and can confirm xflak comment but its worse. you will need to extract and insert the usb connection once config loads config will give a 30 sec timer which you need extract and insert the usb connection yes
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    Hacking Very Dumb Question

    if the wii has been sent in for repairs then the drive is most likely switched. also the older wii may have had the drive swapped for whatever reason by a previous owner. here is a list of serials compiled using wiidrives. If the serial number is higher than these, the wii may have a D3-2/D4...
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    Hacking Ive Aqquired A Semi Bricked Wii, Need Some Advice.

    use wiimod, it has a nice arg
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    Hacking Help with a bricked Wii :)

    keep in mind that you will most likely not be able to read backups or any type of dvd with the new [old] wii. you will be forced to use the better backup loader solution, usbloader. you could swap drives, and usbloader is still better.
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    Hacking Nand Back-up questions

    this info doesnt really help the op, but wanted to get it out there anyway upon research i beleive these to be all the IOS required by ww/vc IOS9-64-v1034 IOS21-64-v1039 IOS33-64-v3608 IOS35-64-v3608 IOS37-64-v5663 IOS53-64-v5663 IOS55-64-v5663 IOS56-64-v5662 edit// i do not use nand...
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    Hacking hacking scene question

    if you want to play from disc channel you will need to cdip the required IOS, i dont know which one though. if you want to play from usb loader you need a cIOS base of 57
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    Hacking IOS 249 issues

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    Hacking Restoring NAND

    thats a normal simulation. since he did and update you didnt properly hack his wii and install priiloader to block updates. there are guides which install IOS58 before running hackmii installer, this way HBC uses IOS58 when installed so you dont have to reinstall HBC to IOS58. cIOS are...
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    Hacking Can you virginize a Wii?

    love it
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    Hacking ios problems

    what ios do you want to remove, and dont say stubbed, give more detail no need to remove. but if you really want, you can use wiimod
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    Hacking Bootmii verify failed/failure

    all verify does is check the backup to the real nand. so a verify failure would indicate a problem with the sd card not your nand. is the verify failed for block xxx, the same blocks on both sd cards?
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