SignaPic DSi 0.3.0

Make all JPG readable on Nintendo DSi !

  1. cimo95
    SignaPic DSi is a tool to simplify operation to process any JPG image into Nintendo DSi Standard JPG image, this tool is not just simplify the process, but also add some features :
    1. JPG resolution optimizer (optimize all JPG image resolution to 72 DPI)
    2. Auto detect System Region
    3. Auto directory detection (100NIN02, 101NIN02, etc...)
    4. Auto file-numbering (HNI_0001, HNI_0002, etc...)
    5. Auto proportional resize for non 4:3 JPG image
    6. Auto color detection for letterbox / pillarbox in Proportional resizer
    7. Auto generate image thumbnail
    For usage tutorial, please refer to this thread :
    Change log:
    version 0.3.0 :
    1. Slow down processing time, but slightly increase image readability
    2. Added "Widecut" for "Resizing Method"

    version 0.2.0 :
    1. Using Single Thread instead of Multi Thread for optimal result
    2. Added "Widecut Grayscale" for "Resizing Method : Proportional"

    version 0.1.0 :
    1. Initial Version


    1. 0001.jpg
    2. IMG_20191115_203126.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. alexander1970
    Version: 0.1.0
    Very useful Tool.Thank you. :-)
    1. cimo95
      Author's Response
      ur welcome, as always :)))