SignaPic Banner 0.1.0

Quick image reiszer with interesting basic features

  1. cimo95
    SignaPic Banner is a simple tool to help you resize your image (JPG / BMP) to various size with interesting basic image features that developed only for SignaPic application series (DSi, YasUI, TWiT) :
    1. Proportional Resizer : Redraw your image to any size by keeping aspect ratio and draw background for unfilled spaces (Auto Detect Color, Defined Color, Widecut Grayscale)
    2. Self defined profile : Create your own image size profile by just editing the ini file


    1. upload_2019-12-27_8-19-45.png
    2. upload_2019-12-27_8-20-25.png
    3. upload_2019-12-27_8-21-9.png
    4. upload_2019-12-27_8-23-52.png