SignaPic Shader 1.0.0

Shades the desktop wallpaper and keep your widget stand out

  1. cimo95
    Have you ever put some widgets on your Windows Desktop?
    Or you are even the big fans of Rainmeter?

    Sometime you think that you need certain wallpaper that fits to your widgets, in this case, to keep your widget readable. Because when you put bright wallpaper and there is a widget with bright color too, its obviously made the widget is barely readable.

    Now, you no need to worry about choosing which wallpaper fits your widget, because with this simple (super simple if you know how this stuff work) tool that will put "layer" on your wallpaper, it will make your widget fits with all of your wallpaper you want.

    Still confused? Watch this video

    • Before :
      Screenshot (190).png
    • After :
      Screenshot (191).png
    Change log:
    1.0 :
    - Version 1.0 Final
    - First time run error fix
    - Additional error fix
    - First time run message

    1.0 B :
    - Initial Version


    1. Screenshot (93).png
    2. Screenshot (94).png
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  1. Version 1.0 Final