NeatDS 1.3.0

Simple Batch NDS ROM File Renamer based on NDS ROM Banner Text

  1. cimo95
    Easily tidy up your NDS ROM File Collection by rename them using its Banner Text !
    1. Simply, put this tool inside folder which contains your NDS ROM Collection, or run this tool anywhere, then add directory that contain your NDS ROM Collection.
    2. Define your own naming format
    3. Then, click START
    4. Wait until the progress completed !
    Warning ! : For filesize reason, NeatDS was packed to smaller exe file. But if your Antivirus detect NeatDS as virus, its just a false positive. Add NeatDS to your Antivirus whitelist / exception list.


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Recent Reviews

  1. octopus
    Version: 1.2.0
    Been looking for a tool like this a week or two ago, and found none. This one is the way to go.
    1. cimo95
      Author's Response
      lucky you :)
  2. LeonPro12
    Version: 1.1.0
    1. cimo95