GoTran 1.0.0

Translate your text faster, without browser.

  1. cimo95
    GoTran is a simple text translator, which uses the Google Translate service to do the translation.
    Using a third party server to communicate with Google Translate, you no longer need to open a browser just to visit Google Translate.

    Note: we guarantee the application is safe from all forms of cyber crime, including theft of personal data, etc ...

    Checksum information (use this, to make sure your GoTran is not modified by unauthorized personal) :
    MD5 : 02a324063ff07d302161b909feb12554
    SHA-1 : 0bd310a571346487912a722daa51874624ec9037
    SHA-256 : c4d41c89507ab2a15e02883e0ae33fa75d16d1ee94eb28c38c49d7c24df2353d
    SHA-384 : 35ed81c0991e431c10b248ffbf2108c3105843d22d86c353144f016cc77f744a5dc7ef414ee080f33f33e0451f82f918
    SHA-512 : 8439b96434714d2fe5946f1d367251d9d64fd7cb8b955060977cebea1ff572020b4a232b0be0f1378b188bdbc0c46d90cc20fe393865f7bf67a65da15a8aac12

    Change log:
    Version 1.0 :
    1. Initial version


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