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    This is a fork of the excellent Rhapsodii theme for Wiiflow by @Hakaisha. My version features a Hyperspin wheel stye for the main menu and an Emulation Station style for the tiers. It also takes advantage of Wiiflow's background feature, using different backgrounds for each platform, and sports all-new buttons and graphics.
    No, this is not an Akira mod, it's just a joke about my nick and a small homage to the greatest manga ever! Good for health, bad for education.

    Jan-31-2021-22h27m59s.png Sep-14-2020-00h03m37s.png Sep-14-2020-00h06m59s.png Jan-31-2021-22h31m48s.png Jan-31-2021-22h25m02s.png Jan-31-2021-22h24m57s.png Jan-31-2021-22h18m11s.png Jan-31-2021-22h16m18s.png Sep-14-2020-00h05m21s.png Jan-31-2021-22h14m41s.png Jan-31-2021-22h14m28s.png Jan-31-2021-22h14m01s.png

    The platform.ini file, included in this theme, is an integral part of Wiiflow.
    Do not edit this file if you don't know EXACTLY what you're doing!!

    Delete these folders, before updating:
    wiiflow/backgrounds/Rhapsodii Shima/
    wiiflow/source_menu/Rhapsodii Shima/
    wiiflow/themes_lite/Rhapsodii Shima/

    Install the package, run Wiiflow and Reload Cache

    Extract the 'wiiflow' folder to the root of the device where Wiiflow is installed. Merge every folders and overwrite all files, when requested.

    Starting from Wiiflow 5.4.7, you can use the new Source Menu Setup:
    - You can configure your Source menu's pressing the Home button in one of the the source menu (or Sourceflows) tiers.
    - You can Hide source buttons, link buttons to plugins and set ROMs paths.

    You can download the complete Wiiflow Plugins Pack from:


    1. Launch Wiiflow and go to Settings page 2. Switch Theme from 'Default' to 'Rhapsodii Shima', or just reload the cache if you updated from an older version.

    2. Go to Settings page 12 and click on the 'Source Menu Settings' button. Set 'Enable Sourceflow' and 'Sourceflow Smallbox' to 'On'. This will switch to the Sourceflow mode (Hyperspin and EmulationStation style).

    3. For a nice Homebrew Channel effect, go to Settings page 12 and click on the 'Homebrew Setting's button. Turn 'Coverflow Smallbox' to 'On' and 'Box Mode' to 'Off', then go back and press 1 or 2 on the Wiimote until you reach smallflow #6.

    4. If you want to display a console from a different region in the background and source buttons (e.g. Super Famicom instead of SNES) see the FAQ section.

    This is not mandatory, but to be fully appreciated, this theme should be used in conjunction with Wiiflow's Database and Snapshots by Wiimpathy.
    I suggest you to install them before Rhapsodii Shima, because it uses a slightly updated platform.ini. Otherwise, just make sure you don't overwrite Rhapsodii Shima's platform.ini, or just reinstall the theme as a last step.
    The CreateCat application is also recommended to have separate and pre-compiled categories for wii/gc and plugin games, according to the database.

    Wiiflow releases

    Thanks: Hakaisha, fledge68, Wiimpathy, WesMods, blackb0x
    Change log:
    - Updated platform.ini with the new plugins and flows from the next plugins pack.
    - Optimized fonts by Hakaisha (cleanup on the characters to reduce excess vector points, compact encoding, and removed the bitmap files from each).
    - Fixed the stretched fonts in 16:9 mode. All texts are now crispier than ever and with the correct aspect ratio. Thanks to Hakaisha!
    - Added 'loading' and 'nopic' covers for missing boxcovers and flat covers. No more 'Wii' template for plugin games with no covers.
    - Resized texts, margins and line height in Synopsis and Help/Credits pages, for an improved readability.
    - Slightly updated coverflows: added shadows to the outher boxes and other little cosmetic changes.
    - In File Explorer, moved the folder tree a little to the right.
    - Added separate coverflows for Tapes (Amstrad, BBCMicro, ZX Spectrum), PS1 Cd case, FDS, Game & Watch. Now they will be automatically assigned by Wiiflow for an easier installation.
    - Added TurboGrafx16 and TurboDuo to the "Retro Consoles" source menu. You can hide any undesired platform using Wiiflow's Source Menu Setup.
    - Added 'smallbox=yes' to all source_menu .ini's (under general) to let Wiiflow automatically enable it for you.
    - Removed a few unused duplicate backgrounds.
    - Added a sliding bar for music titles, so that they are now legible when you switch song.

    5.4.7 v1
    - Renamed the release number to 5.4.7 to match the supported Wiiflow version.
    - Added support for the new Source Menu Setup, introduced by Wiiflow 5.4.7.
    - Revamped the File Explorer to look more like a typical explorer.
    - The top and bottom bars are updated with new controls.
    - Adjusted position for text and buttons in the bottom bars. They were cut out by some TV's overscan.
    - Reduced the size of the Handhelds banner in the Handhelds tier background.
    - The white bar in the main screen is now correctly ending at the bottom of the screen. It was 6 pixels shorter, but it was not noticeable because of overscan. Only noticeable if you were taking screenshots.
    - Removed the [BLANK_COVERS] section from Rhapsodii Shima.ini. It's an obsolete way to display missing custom covers.
    - A little size adjustment for the PS1 coverflow (cd_case #1) and the Homebrew coverflow.

    5.4 v1.3
    - Fixed the Genesis and Super Famicom backgrounds (wrong logos).
    - Simplified the process to display console models from different regions.
    - Added a warning about platform.ini.
    - FAQ section updated. It's now on a separate file.

    5.4 v1.2
    - This version will only work on WiiFlow Lite 5.4.4 or newer.
    - All images were optimized by blackb0x.
    - Discarded the jpeg format, now all images are in .png format.
    - Less use of gradients, where possible, to allow further optimization.
    - Joined CPS1, CPS2 and CPS3 into one single source menu button. No sense to separate them.
    - Added support for: Satellaview, TRS-80, TRS-80 colour, CPS3
    - Updated platform.ini with the new plugins.
    - Removed some useless and redundant backgrounds, where possible.
    - Cover caching works again, due to the theme's optimization.
    - FAQ section updated.

    5.4 v1.1
    - updated the controls guide showed in the game info screen. Added the new buttons introduced by Wiiflow 5.4.1 (+, - and A).
    - changed the FDS flow in platform.ini to cd_case, similar to the real floppy cases.
    - added the new FDS coverflow 'CD_CASE_3' in coverflow.ini, to match the correct proportions and orientation.
    - incorporated Fledge's mod: now snapshots in the selected game view are bigger.
    - resized the setting buttons area and icons to not overlap the snapshot area.
    - removed the multiple magic numbers for NES and N64 in console.ini.
    - other minor tweaks.
    - troubleshooting section updated.

    5.4 v1.0a
    -Updated folder structure: added the missing source_menu parent folder for Rhapsodii Shima.
    -Updated Installation instructions and Troubleshooting.

    5.4 v1.0
    - Full support to Wiiflow 5.4.0 features.
    - From now on, this theme will be mirroring Wiiflow's version number.
    - Updated the controls guide in the top and bottom bars with Wiiflow 5.4.0 controls.
    - Correct size for banners, snapshots and other artworks. No more overlapping buttons.
    - A completely remade settings menu.
    - Some new button and graphics.
    - Added all missing magic numbers to the source menu. All Coverflows are now working with the proper background., even when no games are found.
    - Added support for Supergrafx and Game & Watch.
    - Support for both Source Menu and Sourceflow.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Taleweaver
    Version: 5.4.8
    Dusted of my old wii, structured all my backups, matched them with covers and then applied this theme. This last step was a piece of cake, and really turned a 'normal' setup in a work of beauty. Thanks a lot!
  2. Uafa
    Version: 5.4.7 v1
    Excellent Wiiflow theme
  3. derekfcc
    Version: 5.4.7 v1
    Awesome setup, best looking theme for any loader on the Wii hands down. Very well structured with consistent coding which makes it good for either out-of-the-box use or personal customization. Terrific job.
    1. Tetsuo Shima
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much for your kind words of appreciation.
  4. MrSW
    Version: 1.2
    The Genesis background uses the Intellivision logo for some reason
    1. Tetsuo Shima
      Author's Response
      It's true .Thanks MrSW for reporting. That was an oversight from me. So many images.. I will fix it ASAP
  5. WesMods
    Version: 1.1
    Absolutely gorgeous theme and an unbelievable amount of work and collaboration. Truly a masterpiece Tetsuo Shima, well done!
  6. Demetris
    Version: 1.1
    The perfect theme for the awesome WiiFlow
  7. alexander1970
    Version: 1.0
    Thank you for the quick Update and your outstanding work.