The Weekend for the Video Games.

Hello. :)

Last weekend until today I got the time to get back my consoles to playing fun.

- the Wii with Guitar Hero/Let´s Sing/Just Dance/Karaoke Revolution/We Sing games:

View attachment 172603

- the PlayStation with Guitar Hero/Rockband/Buzzer games:

View attachment 172605

- and today again the GDemu on the Dreamcast (now can continue D2 and Shenmue):

View attachment 172606

- the XBox joined also the weekend round with Shenmue II:

View attachment 172981

I hope you all have such wonderful Video gaming times.
Have fun my friends.:yaywii::yayps3::yayone:

Gaming Weekend.:toot:

Saturday,13.07. at 11:15:

View attachment 172982

New on 06.08.2019 on the Wii for the coming Weekend:

View attachment 175613 View attachment 175614 View attachment 175615

Today,Friday 30th August 2019:

View attachment 177910 View attachment 177911

for Christmas:

View attachment 183706

UPDATE 05.12.2019:

View attachment 188921 View attachment 188922 View attachment 188923 View attachment 188924 View attachment 188925
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Hello gaming friends.:)
The weather is PERFECT (light wind and light rain).:yay:
Our gaming weekend starts with

BUZZ Junior Dinomania (Dino Den).
What a great day.
After Dinomania we decided to play Mario Kart DS.......:rofl2:
(I think i do not really tell you what that means.....)
We have then a nice "light" rain walk with our dogs.So nice.
Later we have "Metallica" Guitar Hero concert.:yay:
This is one of these days of your life.
Half an hour ago we have a nice little "picknick" under a tree in light Rain.

I wish you all a nice weekend and a good time,my friends.:)
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I see you're having fun with all these consoles.

Do you have to spend a lot of time there?

what game did it start? , by all at once?
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Todays summary:

- BUZZ Junior Dinomania (Dino Den) PlayStation 2
- Mario Kart DS
- Metallica Guitar Hero Wii
- Stupid Invaders Dreamcast
- Outrun 2006 + (beginning) Shenmue II XBox
- and finally watching an Iron Maiden Music Documentary on the PSP (thanks to @Kitsu-neechan and @Ryccardo)

That was fun.:)
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Good morning.:rofl2:

I think I am getting REALLY old.....:blink:

I am too tired to play a game at the moment.
Friends,do not get old AND do Video gaming.:rofl2:

Have a nice and great Sunday,GBAtemp fellow.:yay:
Hello friends of video gaming and "warm" weather.:)

Nothing is on the video game board this weekend.

A little new addition:
The PSP 1004 has now a very great SNES + GameBoy Advance Emulation on it.:yaysp:
Maybe my second Wii has to be "re-modded" of Rockband testing.

I wish you a happy and nice and cooldown weekend for all,fellow GBAtemp users.

For the next weekend I have 2 Video Game Device "Actualisations"

- Rockband 3 on the Wii is "on ice" at the moment.The Guitar controller "has left the building".
- Today I get the PlayStation 2 to work with games over the HDD Adaptors Ethernet/Network.
It is a slower than from the HDD.But maybe the HDD will thank it for the break.:D

The Dreamcast "Quote from @NancyDS " will revived in the next weeks.I am waiting for the Parts.
And then maybe finally I can play D2 further.

Thank you for reading.

I wish you a nice and good week,my Video gaming friends.:)

Holiday weekend,but not forget the Video Gaming.:yaysp:

Yes,the GameBoy Advance is now the favorite one.
Somehow I got "stuck" at Castlevania - Aria of Sorrow.
On Emulation on the PSP 1004.To be honest,without Cheats I would not continue playing.
This is really a great game and I am now on 56,9 %.
Does anyone know how I pass the rabbit (with the clock)? :unsure:

I never been a fan or played the Castlevania games before.But now I can imagine to play more of them and on different Systems.

Thank you for reading.:)

Yesterday/night was dancing time.A user needs help on Just Dance in the Wii Forums and I "got all the pieces out of it" and....

(a little....I do not remember that that can be so exhausting and sweaty...)

After the second song I stayed in the chair, waving only the Wii Remote Controller.....NO,there are NO pictures or a Video of it.:P
That tells me than: less burgers and schnitzel but more vegetables and fish.:rofl2:

It was great fun spending the day with this funny games.
and so incidentally made a reasonably productive GBAtemp forum contribution.

Thank you for reading.
Have fun on gaming,my fellow Video gaming friends.:)
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I am not sure when I hop in with my Wii Remote Controller and begin to dance.........
....of that will entertain and amuse you ...:P
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Hello weekend Gamer.:)

It is still hot outside,the Windows are open for fresh hot AIR an BUT that does not stop me to activate my Gamecube BONGOS !!! :rofl2:

Donkey Konga 1/2/3 (a little difficult ro read,it is only Japanese....)

But I think I have to stop now......
I think It may sounds from the outside as if I were beating and slapping children ...:P:rofl2:

And now I am a little "tired"....on full notes you can really get to sweat..
(Pictures are in the first Post please)

Thank you.:)

I have not forgotten,fellow weekend Gamers.

There is not much going on this time.
A little Game testing for User help,but nothing really "played".
It was the first week after the holidays.

I hope you enjoyed your Weekend with a little more gaming.:yay:

Thank you.:)
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I've actually been playing Pokemon Rumble (3DS)...I kind of wanted a game I can play with minimal thought and I certainly got it.

Plus, I usually read so much these days that my eyes burn.

Anyway, my goal is to get my favorite myths/legends, then easy street the rest.
After that, I plan to get into Breath of Fire III for this years' playthrough, but I'm going to try hitting every object with Ryu's sword
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Hello and thank you for your Entry in the Gaming Blog.:)

I usually read so much these days that my eyes burn.

I should take my own nose and do it again: read a good book.
Instead of sitting hours and hours on GBAtemp.:D

Thank you.:)
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