My thoughts on LGBT

Eh your preferences aren’t my problem.
Do whatever you want

Just don’t touch my rubber ducky collection and you’re a fine valid person who deserves rights

But if you do touch my rubber duckies... you will regret it for the rest of your life

And that concludes
My opinion on sexualities
The opinion of a pansexual trans cat

Did you notice the part where I didn’t care and didn’t try to shit on you for being yourself? Some people may wanna take note
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@Xzi permabanned.
Everyone you love has died spontaneously.
And worst of all... your PC has blown up and your source of income for technology has been eradicated
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I guess this was to strike my thread
If you read it you'd know I said Love is Love
I just said the community has some issues that could be improved
But you're right, be yourself
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oh my god, someone who is pansexual and trans doesn't have negative opinions on LGBT? mind blown, never would have thought
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@WiiMiiSwitch I didn’t read it
I just saw the title and had the idea to do this :rofl2:

@CeeDee well to be fair it’s not necessarily positive either. I prefer total neutrality among everyone.
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