Thank you temp :3

GBAtemp feels like a safe place for me. Everyone here is great. I absolutely love news and this community. First of all, my message to the staff:
I never see messages that need to be reported, they’re already taken care of (granted, I don’t use the politics section at all). I’d like to thank the staff- the moderators for keeping the forum so clean, getting rid of the spam, dealing with the… special members, and helping it stay feeling the way it does. And the reporters/reviewers here, for doing such a great job with what they do- unbiased and (usually :P) in-depth reviews and news. (Not to mention a handful of you do some moderating yourselves as well).
Y’all are doing great :D

Second, to the non-staff tempers:
You guys have given me a lot of laughs, lot of fun experiences. The EOF made me lose a lot of brain cells but it used to be good :’3. And for a whole BUNCH of help- I also thank you for dealing with my extreme noobishness (and occasionally my annoying side) since I’ve joined. From me not knowing how to run ROM hacks on PJ64, to that… extremely cringey thread I made where someone decided to repost my entire cringey post after I deleted it :cry:

Its been great! I’ve only been here 3 years, but here’s looking forward to so many more :hrth:

P.S. here’s another picture of catto >:3
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Thanks for being such a fun part of this amazing forum. We really do feel like family here. And on Discord. :wub:
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@Stealphie eof is like /b/, it was good righttt before you joined, and if you were here from the start, yeah it always sucked
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Thanks to you for all the great contributions you've made to these forums, can't wait for more brain cell loosing on the EOF xD
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