MattKimura's Wii U hacking guide

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    Ok , so the steps would be :

    Setup internet connection with DNS
    Do the browser exploit
    Install Haxchii
    Remove DNS
    The 5.5.2 update only removes the browser exploit and everything will stay intact ?

    So Haxchii takes the place of the browser exploit booting Homebrew Channel . Does it also have the functions of Mocha ( enabling WUP Installer ) ?
    Can i do the Backup System Nand as a last step ?
    Installing Homebrew Launcher as a channel will flag the console for banning ? I heard about WiiU bans , how did they happen ?

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    Yup that would be the process. You can also get haxchi on 5.5.2 but the browser exploit is so unstable and a big pain to play with. It's best if you just get haxchi on 5.5.1 while you're there. Yup Haxchi is an alternate entrypoint into homebrew launcher. You can launch mocha, wup installer, etc. The boot rate is 100%, and it works offline.
    Yup 5.5.2 only patches the browser exploit but everything else is left untouched. You gain nothing by updating to 5.5.2 actually as everything works in 5.5.1. So it's just an OCD matter to want to update. You'll need to redo the DNS once on 5.5.2 in case of 5.5.3.