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  • Wolvenreign

    Getting an interview for a Systems Administration position!

    Hey all, I'm getting an interview for a Systems Administrator position on Monday! I'm so excited! Gotta brush up on my SQL and MySQL, but other than that, I should be fine.
  • ShinyJellicent12

    Where have I been?

    Hello, So, it's been at least 500 million years since I've been on the 'Temp, and needless to say my experience is much better now that I'm not a crude excuse of a troll. I'm actually much happier now that I'm back, after 6th grade I decided I wouldn't go on GBAtemp anymore but ehh, two years is...
  • eggsample

    Smash Bros 3DS video capture UHDTV

    [ATTACH] full size 3861 x 2574
  • eggsample

    GW baner project

  • Icealote

    How do I do my assignments now? :(

    [IMG] This is what happens when my preorders finally come in and it lands on the same week as my papers are due on Easter Sunday :( Anxiety's gone and excitement's is settling in...with a little dash of procastination of my papers :D
  • Neo Draven

    Now that I finally have multi-ROM, I am not even using it...

    I must have checked this site and the official Gateway page at least half a dozen times a day, every single day, from when they first announced multi-ROM to the day it got released. Spent a few hours the first day the official release came out testing out the new features, and haven't touched it...
  • mouscoco

    gateway champions

    Bravo team Gateway the linker with the «Omega 2.1» update «Multiroms a revolution for the 3ds linkers works perfectly not instability speed of download of young people stuck on the wonderful SD card copied option I think that the Gateway Team has demonstrated its know-how and is positioned as the...
  • Nathan Drake

    I hate FF X

    Final Fantasy X might be one of the most frustrating, poorly made games I've ever encountered. No other game has ever made me as angry as frequently as this sack of shit title. Where do the issues begin? Let's see. - A difficulty curve from hell. The first half of the game is ridiculously easy....
  • DJPlace

    i'll give this site one more chance.

    i'll deal with the trolls and users who tick me off. since we got new mods (Congats btw to them) however i am not going make rage blogs anymore. those make me look like a not so cool person and i'll try to spell better. (everyone does make typos when they type too fast) so i don't think to the...
  • lafleche

    Still hoping for some clever patch for 20b2

    As it seems more and more likely we all got stuck with the current bricking 2.0b2 as last GW loader, I am still hoping for some some clever guy (or girl) to patch out the bricking code. I understand that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to do so but I can keep up my hopes. In the mean...
  • Guild McCommunist

    Guild Plays: MGS: Ground Zeroes and an actual game called Dark Souls

    So yeah, two PS3 games I've dug into over spring break. First is MGS: Ground Zeroes. First, I essentially got it for free since my dad gave me a PSN card for my birthday (which was Wednesday by the way, I turned 21) and the game is only $20 digitally so it all fit. Normally I wouldn't buy the...
  • arceus 123

    r4 activation ar codes not working

    I have an R4i dualcore 2013 . I wanted to use cheats but then i saw tutorials and managed to activate. I have done all steps still activation cheats dont work. I am using cheats on pkmn soulsilver and only ones without activation w0rk (Eg. always rebattle trainers). Cheats like - have all pokeballs...
  • Marat Dolzhenko

    I heard about power save, was ready to get a 3ds and pokemon, but then...

    I'm a competitive player, I beat story mode then I just gen all my pokemon (legit of course) I heard about this powersave thing and thought 'finally' i can play again; but after research I realized it's just BS, won't be no genning for a while. No 3ds, no pokemon y, and no powersave for me; I...
  • stefoid

    Turn-based squad tactical with a roguelike flavour. DUNGEON BASH

    [IMG] stevenmathers 18 Mar 2014 07:26:543 posts Seen 1 second Registered 1 day ago Hi guys and gals. I'm making this game Dungeon Bash for IOS and Android. You get to control a team of three different characters every time you play, from about 30 playable characters. Like team could be an acid...
  • sookielioncourt

    The Magic of Mobile Card Games

    [IMG] As we usher in the age of smartphones and tablets, it’s expected that many of our traditional games get ported into mobile devices. From classic 8-bit titles to epic massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), each beloved genre had experienced a revival on the smartphone...
  • Densetsu

    Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster Game Launch Exhibition

    Thank you (all 5 of you) for checking out my blog! :P [IMG] So I attended this event with mtpeaceful to try and score a signed copy of the Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster collector's edition three days before the release date. Producer Yoshinori Kitase and art director Yusuke Naora were in...
  • Narayan

    Videogame driving so hard

    I feel shit after repeating Far Cry 3 Third Supply Run for probably a hundred times already. bike kept flying and spinning and tumbling and falling off cliff.
  • Duke Jones

    Foxwell : Gaming News and Reviews

    Hi everyone. First, I'd just like to say thank you. Thank you, everyone who contributes to this site. I've been coming here for years now, but never thought to sign up. However, I was able to acquire advice, tutorials, and general jappery from GBATEMP for a majority of my teenage (and now into my...
  • Icealote

    Let me explain...

    Long blog ahead. Sometimes I struggle with my own beliefs at times. Surely there's got to be some logic to it. Then there's the unexplained things that isn't enough reasons to make sense. I lazily put it as supernatural lol I've spoken to my friends about it and it comes down to me...
  • TwinRetro

    Finally got one.

    Today is the day. Finally got my hands on a PS4. I've been saving since the day it was announced. A dollar here, a tenner there, a pocketfull of change over here... I had since gotten the Best Buy credit card to help me out with my ebay business (Recently bought a bunch of BB exclusive Disney...