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  • Clarky

    Remote Control

    Hello all, what a month hey? Steam Summer Sales, E3, graduations, death, its been a month... so lets start off on a good leg, the wife this month graduated from her college in liberal arts with honors, I am really proud of her.She is now enjoying the summer before she begins university which...
  • junn


    'just got this thing. planning to swap a US board in it and do the usual micro usb hard mod/NAND dump stuff if i have a spare time. actually, i just want the white top back and bottom cover of XL but i couldn't find the parts anywhere. and i don't like to do some spraying/painting work so......
  • Nathan Drake

    Anime Review - Spring 2015 Edition

    This is the first anime season I've actually kept up on start to finish, and I gotta say, it's been worth it. Last season I hopped in near the beginning, but I didn't explore much of what was available due to not looking far and wide as I did this season. With that said, I'm just going to go...
  • dj4uk6cjm

    I did it again...I need help or just venting out my frustrations

    Well I did it again guys, I met some nice girl and new people on a chat room app and might have just ruined their lives...yep just like I did on ML so many years, decades ago even :( heres how it all started. I met this girl named august on this so called chat room app, she was cute, hot, sexy...
  • the_randomizer

    Help with anger management?

    I need help, or rather, I need to vent, given my recent reactions to certain people on other locations (or other forums not here, but elsewhere), it's evident that I've issues with controlling my anger. I obviously don't want to get more personal, however, I need to get this off of my chest;...
  • Blaze163

    A thin skinned society - your thoughts?

    I've been noticing a disturbing trend over the last few years. People these days seem to be...well, mewling babies, basically. People seem to complain about anything and everything, see oppression everywhere they go when there clearly isn't any (conveniently ignoring places in the world where...
  • azotyp

    The winter is comming

    [IMG] [IMG]
  • astrangeone

    Smallish Update: No, I haven't died...

    - my microSD in my 3DS decided to shit itself inside out. I lost most of my music collection, and my save files for both Tomodachi Life and Fantasy Life. - I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid. Means I have low energy and I take pills to make sure that my energy levels are back to...
  • TotalInsanity4

    I'm back, did you miss me?

    I've gotten a few PMs asking where I've been for the last few weeks, so I figured that I would just kind of talk about it in a blog post where everyone can see... So... Here goes! First off, I didn't think that anyone would really notice I was gone, so I was actually kind of touched to see that...
  • cool guy122112

    pokemon y egglocke

    Dear peps can you kindly donate eggs for my egglocke in pokemon y fc: 1993-9347-6478
  • XrosBlader821

    My E3 Impressions

    This E3 was a pleasant surprise and very exiting to watch... at least on the first day. I will begin with the worst because I'd like to end this Blog entry on a positive note instead of a negative. 7. PC Gaming Show What happened here? Instead of a show telling us why PC gaming is a viable and...
  • Nathan Drake

    Ranking E3 Presentations

    Here are my rankings for E3 presentations. I'm sure you'll be able to understand why I picked number one, although number one and number two are basically interchangeable as far as my levels of hype go. 1. Bethesda 2. Square Enix 3. Microsoft 4. Sony 5. Ubisoft 6. EA 7. Nintendo Bethesda was...
  • JjStAr992_Gaming

    Looking for my blog?

    If you're looking for a blog of mine, it aint here. You'll find it here. --JjStAr992_Gaming
  • DavidBordicott

    Cave Story 64+64 DS+DS

    i am working on a fully 3d port of cave story using toads toll 64 and mario 64DS editor. and im making a port of the original 2d game with wiiware and CS+ sprites