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  • Shub 0 comments

    Living with myself 2004 to 2010....fight myself after lost everthing from 2011 to 2017(my experience)

    Hello.. My name is shubh.. Am from uk.. As am new here but am not as i remember i visit this web near 2014 (with my struggle times)..i always as guest watch people here and there understanding myself with life.. In 31 december i decided to join this web and i find gud community here gud people...
  • Futurdreamz 9 comments

    So I created a gofundme on a whim It has no beneficial reason to exist, no real or fictional sob story to persuade you. Just something I have no reason to ask for. While simultaneously hoping that some rich person with money to burn sees it and donates.
  • maorninja 2 comments

    CFW bash storage

    Note: This isn't a new blog post. Its actually an accompaign to my other blog post. Unfortunately, all the quotes have actually led me to past the text limit so I'll put it here. So with that being said, lets dive right into the cringe. And many others to come...
  • Futurdreamz 36 comments

    Multiple monitors are worth it

    [IMG] Multitasking is definitely more fun now. Also: My phone's camera is shit.
  • maorninja 32 comments

    The whole ReiNAND (and others) vs. Luma3DS situation and why it has to stop

    So, before you know about the drama, you need to know the history of what is now Luma3DS and ReiNAND. So, what happend is that at the beggining of ReiNAND's lifetime, it was mainly the primary CFW. Now, the creator of Luma3DS made a fork of ReiNAND and added in a few new things like O3DS...
  • GuyInDogSuit 2 comments

    I got something to say... and I didn't kill your baby today

    I don't say this often, but you guys are awesome. I learn something new every day and you're all so helpful, if a bit snarky at times. I love you all. Even the dickheads, all of you.
  • Aurora Wright 305 comments

    Past scene drama (why ARN was renamed)

    Since I explained this to a couple of people who asked me in private, I figured I could put it here if anyone is interested. "I swear I really respected Rei at first (Luma was originally named "AuReiNAND" to reflect that he was the author of the original project). I was also with him on a Skype...
  • Ryumaru 0 comments

    Definitive tutorial on how to create border textures with the same quality as the official Nintendo themes - Extras

    I'll be explaining how to create borders using images and how to create punctures at the borders. These explanations will allow you to create the following types of border. [ATTACH] [ATTACH] The inflated shadow effects used at the borders shown in the images above are available in the first...
  • Quantumcat 3 comments

    Auto update files on commit!

    You'd never believe I spent all day on this! (Well, in between doing actual work) After trying a whole bunch of different libraries and scripts, and trying unsuccessfully to learn CURL to use with github's api, I finally found a library that does what I need:...
  • OctopusRift 11 comments


    I'm an adult. It's time to grow up. I don't want any more fighting on this site. That was my aim the whole time. So here I am. And here it is. I'm back. If you don't agree with something I say. Please PM me so we can talk about it. This community was once awesome. Let's bring it back to...
  • VinLark 25 comments

    3K Posts

    Woah I just "achieved" 3000 posts in the forum Am I SUPER C00L L33T OR WHAT? (being sarcastic here)
  • raystriker 0 comments

    Worst ending in Witcher 3- a life lesson?

    So I finally finished the main story line in Witcher 3 (took me 3 weeks, have never played the game before). I have been pretty invested in the game and have personally related to Geralt on some level or the other. However, I ended with the worst ending possible- Ciri dies, Radovid defeats...
  • Pacheko17 39 comments

    Got a warning, it's fine though

    Veho just gave me a warning for telling someone to commit suicide, and I can see his point. I'm sorry lol was just kinda pissed at that post in particular, it was one of those "30 and 60 fps are the same" dudes. Just a question, if anyone can awsner me, I'm the only one able to see the warning...
  • Ricken 10 comments

    Tempiversary #1!

    I joined the temp a year ago because of how much 3DS hacking stuff was on it.. The day prior (366 days ago?) I followed a YT guide on 'installing' rxTools (I never like how install was used.. A9LH is the only thing you really install.) That wasn't the first time I had homebrewed my system...
  • Aurora Wright 199 comments

    What sucks about this scene

    So, I've mostly kept silent about it until now but due to the recent hacks I will say that this scene is really cringey, due to a group of edgy kids (among them there's even a respected developer) who keep doing things like this to me (hence the Luma3DS name change, actually). I'll let these...
  • THEELEMENTKH 12 comments

    I found something quite interesting

    Today I went to return some books to my local (and only) library. Everything was quite normal until I noticed a new, different section of the library that only had VHS videos (or that's what I thought at the moment). I asked one of the workers about that new section and he told me that noone...
  • CheatFreak47 7 comments

    Why I'm cynical and somewhat pessimistic about the Nintendo Switch.

    I wrote most of this in a private message to a friend of mine, but I figured I'd post it here, since I don't make a habit of keeping my opinions quiet usually, so yeah. Before I go on, I'd just like to say, I'm a skeptic. I question and think about everything, critically. Sometimes to a fault....
  • Touko White 14 comments

    Flash games suggestions

    Hi, Anyone know of any good SWF/Flash games I could add to my website, I'm especially looking for ones that you hold fond memories of or are good, since I don't really remember my childhood well I have few ideas. Respond with a comment including the genre and a link to the game (if you can)....