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  • Clarky

    So I was sorting through stuff and look what I find...

    Hello all. So looking at the blog I noticed it has been about 2 years since I last did this shit so I thought about now would be the perfect time to stage a come back now i am somewhat at a happy medium in life with having found a part time job. With the Steam sales come and gone I managed to...
  • Godson777

    When Godson finds out there are blogs in GBATemp...

    ...He decides to make one. Because yes. Seriously, I didn't know GBATemp had blogs until VinsCool ended up making a post. So, yeah. Bloggity Bloggity Blog. My work here is done >:3
  • VinsCool

    VinsCool's place

    I seem to be successful at GBAtemp. A lot of people followed a joke I did with @2Hack and no everyone replied to my EOF thread here Is this a new meme? :D Anyway, I wrote this post because I wanted to tell to everyone that GBAtemp is a great community with fun members and much people who are...
  • the_randomizer

    Need to do some venting

    I want this to be a serious discussions, so please, bear with me. :) I've been thinking a lot, and have had way too many negative thoughts on my mind as of late, this is most assuredly not healthy in any stretch of the imagination. As such, I need to some venting, I've been way too negative and...
  • ShinyLatios

    Shinies, shinies, shinies...

    God, it's been like, 3 years since I last posted here. Okay, so... in the last 3 years, I've taken up competitive gaming more and more. pretty awesome, smash bros n stuff. Going to learn how to atleast play SSBMelee decently when I get my hands on a copy. I've gotten a lot better at writing, so...
  • obito

    *reads old blog entries and cringes*

    I haven't been on gbatemp in forever. HAHAHA omg i was a cringy, angsty, annoying fuck when i last posted here. i should probably delete my old entries, but i'll leave them up. :L Pretty chill at the moment, just got back from work. (I have a part time job now, suck it whiny twelvie me) Been...
  • MisterPantsEyes

    Today I am euphoric

    Today I am euphoric, not because of some phony god's blessing, but because I am waiting for my Gateway. Yes I know, this thread will be controverse, some people will think that this thread is pointless, but if you want, you can battle me. Science is my rifle, intelligence is my blade. It could...
  • eggsample

    I'm waiting for SSB exclusive CD & Mewtwo too

  • soulx

    Completed The Last of Us (SPOILERS)

    Played it on PS4 and going to summarize my thoughts below, - From a gameplay and visual perspective, it was good. Granted I switched to easy mode cause fuck clickers and bloaters but stealth mechanics were good, AI seemed fine, and overall it controlled well. And for a remastered PS3 game,...


    When you first take a look at these flashcards, you think, "Oh boy awesome flashcards that support 3DS games, but the enjoyment soon goes down when you these problems." - Multi-roms supports, but one card limited 10 games (This is truly a abusive thing to poor customers who saved money on it and...
  • NeSchn

    The Past Year (year and a half?) Of My Life

    Just like I stated in the last blog I posted, I still lurk this site quite a bit. However, thats all I do is lurk. Real life is I guess... Kind of in full swing? I enjoy that this community is still thriving and that I still see names on here that I remember. I always seem to come back to this site...
  • Taleweaver

    A somewhat'ish review of Digital dementia (by Manfred Spitzer)

    Have you ever read a book that made such an impact that afterwards, everything appeared to be turned upside down? That answered questions you didn't know you had in you, and improved the way the world worked as a whole? It shouldn't even be a book; some movies or documentaries can have that same...
  • gilberto213

    Fully bricked wii, help?

    Ok so on my wii is version 4.3u, tried installing a theme but i didnt like it so i thought that if i installed the system menu 4.3.wad the theme would go away but i got a black screen, i tried restarting it and.....Nothing i did have priiloader installed but it didnt show up. Is there a fix for...
  • Icealote

    My Shiny Mudkip :D

    3908 resets in Omega Ruby. My first legit shiny in my life. So over the moon! My early Christmas present to myself XD [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]
  • Taleweaver

    Taleweaver's top games of 2014

    Well...I've played quite some games this year. In this entry, I'll list my top 20 games (of about 40-50ish). Keep note that I rarely buy at retail price, so these are mostly indie games and/or from a previous year. On the plus side, it means you can pick these up for cheap. :) Here goes:...
  • Guild McCommunist

    Guild Plays: Destiny (and some other things)

    So I joined the PS4 master race not too long ago as you all know and I've been buying up PS4 games where I can. The one I want to talk about the most is Destiny though. It's a game I wasn't expecting to like as much as I did. Like I don't hate FPS games but I'm never huge on them. Like I can...
  • Ravioli

    I'm Fuckin' Retarded and Also Mad

    I decided to update my V8.1.0-19U 3DS XL yesterday to the latest firmware of V.9.4.0-21. I only did it because I knew that cards have only supported 4.1-4.5 for the longest time, and I just figured I might as well go ahead and update so I could actually use the eShop for once. I was certain that...
  • rayjay

    Bloody youtube playlist buttons

    Stupid youtube keeps auto-playing the videos in my favourites even with repeat playlist button un-highlighted. It used to be that even if I refreshed the page the button would stay off, then it started to turn itself on whenever I go forwards or backwards, now it's gotten even worse!
  • nyder

    Great news about Gateway 3DS

    I have some some great news. My Gateway 3DS has shipped, should have it in a few days. I still have to wait for the Omega 2 release though. We can all agree, this is great news right?


    According to their news, Gateway is aware that 9.3.0-21 has come, but they have verified that they are not going any further than 9.2.0-20 (At least at this moment, but perhaps later when they get familiar with the new firmware). Link: What is your take on this? You...