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  • CheatFreak47

    Why A9LH + CFW is better than MenuHax + CFW setup.

    Hello everyone, this is just a little blog post for all who ask: “Why should I use ARM9LoaderHax instead of MenuHax or <insert other exploit here>?" For anyone else, this may seem like I'm just retreading the same water here so bear that in mind. If you know something I don't and would like me...
  • Yil

    Another crappy post on Christian that will end up eof or blogs.

    I think I have some good evidence that Christian god is indeed the devil. It is still unknown of neither format nor time of its coming, but we need to take at least defensive for now. Perhaps a desperate and suicidal attempt is all I can come up with for the moment. Chances are of course minimal...
  • mgrev

    An introduction to my hobby.

    So, this will be a short introdction to what i do on my spare time except Games&Stuff. Wondering what it is? saw what i posted in the things you recently got? It is......... Riding a Motorcross! I ride a Kawasaki KX 250F 2014 model. i tend to do this in the weekends, if my dad has time to be...
  • BurningDesire

    Getting over a depression + Other issues solved

    Okay so as many of you know I have been depressed for quite some time. I recently started taking some medicine not anti depressants but thyroid. With those I have been a lot more happy and as a plus I am never cold any more. I use to be freezing all the time and when I say freezing I mean if I...
  • Khangaroo

    Should I really install Arm9LoaderHax?

    On one side, I don't feel like I really need it. On the other side, I want to fit in a bit more and I want fast boot times. Installing it seems nerve-wracking and it looks like lots of things can go wrong. Heck, even closing your N3DS while on 2.1 SysNAND can brick you! So, should I install...
  • Voxel Studios

    My parents are threatening to close my temp account down. :/

    Hi all, I haven't been active on here today, and it looks like I won't be active for an (unknown) time now, because my parents found my account here this morning, and thought the best thing to do to resolve the situation was to pack all of my consoles and my PC away, just because I am on a...
  • FireEmblemGuy

    FEG's Tropical Hell mixed drink recipe

    Sorry if this is a mess, this is the drunkest I've been in a while. Mix: 2/5 Banana+ orange+ pineapple juice blend 3/5 Mtn Dew/ Mello Yello Add grain alcohol (everclear/diesel) to taste (2 shot per 12-16 oz is my preferred blend) Add 1-2 cubes ice to cool Lightly stir and enjoy
  • EarlAB

    Hyrule Warriors Weapon Showcase

    Will be updated later, when I can get screenshots. :3
  • Crystal the Glaceon

    Some stuff!

    I am seriously only blogging for depressing reasons and that's just depressing. So here' some stuff! First off, I started playing Monster Hunter 4 on my 3DS. I actually really didn't like the games at first because every time I started them I was like, "Where da story at?" I mean, I liked the...
  • Crystal the Glaceon

    In memory of Densetsu

    This morning I woke to read some extremely saddening news of our beloved Densetsu's passing. I commented that he was there during my struggles. But I wanted to really share my story about Densetsu's help and how he truly helped save my life. From the start, he and I worked together back the M3...
  • Ryumaru

    Listing Upcoming themes 3ds to be posted

    Listing Upcoming themes 3ds to be posted Note: Scratched issues have already been posted. Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (Anime) - Status: Progress 100% Completed News Aria (Anime) - Status: Progress 100% Completed Pokemon XY&Z (Anime) - Status: Progress 100% Completed News Castlevania Lord of Shadows...
  • Yil

    Home visited by an unfriendly astral being

    I have my share of ghosts and many other spirits in the house but this thing feels rather like a zombie and I managed to find some trace(like air flow caused by an invisible object's movement, and ghost was suppoed to be intangible at least for the moment since a permanent astral body is not a...
  • CheatFreak47

    My predictions for the Gateway A9LH update

    Since these got wiped from that one topic along with about a hundred other posts, I figured I'd repost them here, in my personal blog for all to read if they please. (: I don't own a gateway card, and I never plan to, I just like to think about this stuff for the fun of it. Aside from my...
  • trigao

    Worst day!!!!!

    Probably only who has pets gonna feel like i do My cockatiel runs away in today morning I miss him so much, he was so lovely, so smart, so everything to me, like a dog with wings i cryed a lot..... I want him with me
  • Ryumaru

    Tutorials for creating custom themes

    Textures to create folders open and closed mode - click here NEWS Textures to creat borders in sizes 48px and 38px - click here NEWS Tutorial folder and borders - Vol 1 by @Ryumaru - click here Vol 2 by @Ryumaru click here Tutorial to create themes with a single image: Vol 1 click here by...
  • Floppy Fork


    Oh yea how do I write a blog again?
  • Justinde75

    My visit to AMPCon!

    Today I went to an Anime/Japan/Videogame Convention in my Town! It was the greatest fun I had for a long time! I met lots of nice People, food was great and cheap, and there were some nice cosplayers :^). I even played at a Smash 4 Tournament, but I lost one match before the Final one, because...