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  • Guild McCommunist

    Guild Plays: Mario Kart b8

    No, I don't own a Wii U. One of my friends bought one recently and we played it a lot yesterday. So yeah, my impressions. It's... really underwhelming. I mean just everything about it seems really lacking. So first things first, the roster. How goddamn boring is that. I mean they cut characters...
  • MarcusRaven

    I'm doing a couple of review series...

    Hey everybody. I just wanted to see what you guys think of my video review series I'm making. There are two: Family Man Gamer and OUYA Oh Yeah! OUYA Oh Yeah! is focused on OUYA Games. It attempts to create a positive thought environment about the OUYA as an alternative to console gaming, while...
  • Taleweaver

    We're in a gaming crisis...

    As I'm writing this, there are a few live topics claiming that gaming is dead (here and here). While there is something to be said for them - at least the former - I don't think it does the situation justice. First the pretty obvious disclaimers: * when talking about 'gaming' in this blog entry,...
  • Guild McCommunist

    Guild Plays: Magic 2015

    Yeah, I prepurchased it. It's $10 so why not. I'm kinda disappointed though. So yeah, it's another Duels of the Planeswalkers game and I'm a sucker for them. It's just a way to get out that Magic hankering when I have no one to play with but don't want to spend money on Magic Online. If you...
  • superspudz2000

    man, 2DS is Awesome!

    so a couple months ago i bought a 2DS, even though i allready own a 3DS XL, as they had a Free Zelda four swords offer on the eShop. my thinking being to buy it as a "zelda holder", and i could always use it as a guest controller for download play when company comes over. best purchase of my...
  • Drink the Bleach

    So apparantly Shovel Knight has over 300 cheat codes.

    If you ask me, they should have spent more time making more game and less time coming up with codes. I felt the game was way too short given the Kickstarter budget they had and the time they took. They had enough of a 2D-retro game finished to offer a demo and a trailer of most the game back in...
  • MLK1278

    3DS Flashcarts

    I have a 3DS running firmware version 8.0.0-18u. Are there any flashcarts that can play 3ds games, can have more than one game per sd card, and can run on my firmware version? Or are there any that have an update coming out soon that will allow me to do all that?
  • PityOnU

    Right Place, Wrong Time

    Trying to wrap my head around some... interesting events that occurred last night. Figured this was as good a place to vent as any. Without going into specifics, I am an American, but have spent this summer working at a company R&D lab in China. It's been quite nice to get away from where I was...
  • Foxi4

    Play time is over! Let the #NoGaems begin! ;O;

    What the fuck... [IMG] I doing with my life?
  • Rene Guerrero

    Wii flow crash

    Alright so I install a game with wii flow and it installs 100% but when I try to open the game it freezes but only 1 game that I installed loads and it's New Super Mario Bros Wii and the recent game that won't load is wii sports and some other games to.I load the games with iOS 222 with the video...
  • jonthedit

    My Computer Specs

    I trashed my signature, so here are my Specs :P PC - i5 3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 - 8GB RAM - Win 7 Ult. 64bit DS Phat - Original Grey - with 1st Gen ARDS DSi - Aqua Blue - v1.4.4 - EZ-Vi HW[805] FW[108] [- Softmodded with DS.LR.] Wii 4.1U - Softmodded using ModMii - Action...
  • Originality

    Life of a PC Enthusiast

    So I thought I'd try out this whole blog thing again after so many years (talking to fellow bloggers had no impact on this whimsical decision). What can I talk about? Computers. Here's my current system build: CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K 3.3GHz Quad-Core...
  • Nathan Drake

    Nathan Drake Tries to Enjoy: Borderlands 2 (Vita)

    Okay, so, I've had this game since around June 15th. It worked great up until about a week ago. I mean, it worked wonderfully. Only a couple of crashes, but otherwise very minimal lag, a good framerate, etc. But you know how patches can make something worse rather than better? Well that's what...
  • pokemoncards123

    R4I 3ds gold RTS gives no card insterted message on ds lite

    title says it all. plz help
  • Duo8

    I'm bored

    I'm bored. It's summer so I just stay home all day now. Ran out of things to do on the Internet. What should I do?
  • Guild McCommunist


    So yeah I've been on quite the PC gaming binge since I got my new laptop. Surprisingly it runs most things pretty damn good. So yeah, here's some stuff. I played most of Fallout: New Vegas already but this time I decided to go pretty extensively with the mods. And damn is this great. From...
  • mega j

    my hobbies and experiments in wii and ds home brew

    I download from this site alot love the stuff you guys make and was hoping for try more homebrew from gba temp .com I am hoping that you don't get angry i've only tackled a little home brew and i'm a beginner to this
  • DillPo313

    I made major headway on that website I started. (The homebrew database.)

    We are now a legit (.com vs .tk) website at B-) Our first guide is available here: :lol: We're still looking for more people to help out, so please don't hesitate asking if you can be an editor. (That's a big position...
  • Guild McCommunist

    Guild Experiences: Windows 8

    So yeah, I bought a new laptop and I got it in yesterday. I'm typing on it right now actually! I decided in a laptop over a desktop because I need the portability for school and I do find that my friends and I all end up playing our PC games in the same room through LAN. It's just easier and...