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  • Futurdreamz 0 comments

    Hallelujay I finally figured out Android DOES has an alternative to Blackberry's "Bedside Mode" for muting random shit

    It took me FOREVER to find it. On my OLD Blackberrys running BB7 and older, I could set it so that whenever it's plugged in it shows the clock (not importsnt) which automatically mutes EVERYTHING except for phonecalls and alarms (very important). On my Blackberry Z30 I couldn't make it do...
  • TheDarkGreninja 6 comments

    Something Positive!

    With all the talk of depression and sadness going around on the blog side of things here on temp, I thought I'd talk about one of the most heartwarming things to occur in quite the while. As you guys may or may not know, I'm Muslim and as you probably know by now, the horrendous suicide bombing...
  • Boured 12 comments

    I'm not happy.

    I'm not happy, I mean I have felt happy like joy and when I'm hearing a funny joke. But I'm not truly happy, I may have actual depression though I'm not sure since I know people who are much worse. The only way I feel anything of happiness is helping friends with thier problems, even if it helps...
  • LuxerWap 3 comments

    My Drawing Days are Officially OVER!

    Took too many chances, but now, I'm done. I shouldn't explain more. Sorry everyone... Now trying to figure out how to close my FurAffinity account.
  • Chary 29 comments

    Looking forward, not back

    So yeah, blogs. I don't really use them commonly. But I do like writing, obviously, and I think this is one of those moments where I think enough stuff has happened as of late to warrant me just taking some time to just sit down and parse it all out. That way, I can look back a year later and...
  • Dionicio3 42 comments

    Just a quick update

    School is almost out, wew. So I will be on GBATemp even MOAR!11!1!!!1 Shitposting will ensue this summer
  • leafeon34 5 comments

    Why I'm passing up on BotW

    To start, yes, I sound skeptical but bear with me. I'm trying to have a discussion, not spread more anti-Nintendo propaganda. Many people who played Zelda BotW agree that it's a true masterpiece. I haven't played it myself and want to but don't intend to. Here's why: Aonuma himself said "I...
  • LuxerWap 25 comments

    I got a brand new PC! I present you the HP Pavilion 15-au010wm!

    6th gen Intel Core i7-6500U Processor 15.6" HD display Windows 10 12GB system manager 1TB hard drive NVIDIA GeForce 940m [IMG] Tested this thing out and so far, I love it! The first part was playing Dolphin 5.0 and ran Melee really well! No trouble at all! Now getting GTA IV and see what...
  • fedehda 0 comments

    YisusDeSalta - Entry 2

    I don't want to write this on twitter, or in my facebook because that's kind of public and here I don't know anyone, so, it's easier to write over here. And I need to tell this kind of things to someone... I think. I've disconected myself from whatsapp, and closed my facebook account today....
  • gnmmarechal 18 comments

    RIP Stalk

    With it being impossible for me to stalk anymore, I hereby declare stalk dead. RIP stalk. That is all.
  • Ryumaru 5 comments

    Zelda 30th Anniversary - Custom Themes

    [ATTACH] [ATTACH] [ATTACH] [ATTACH] [ATTACH] [ATTACH] [ATTACH] [ATTACH] >> DOWNLOAD << [ATTACH] [ATTACH] [ATTACH] Image that shows how I did the top screen assembly. [ATTACH]
  • LittleFlame 1 comments

    50 Days of blogs Day 20

    Day 20 Y'all want another music blog?! Well I started using Spotify and besides the audio quality not always being amazing it's a really nice and handy service especially for the price I got it for (1 euro for 3 months daang) anyway fuck everything and this isn't even fun anymore Pin of the...
  • Yumi 10 comments

    A friend who talks a lot about themselves...

    Hii everyone! It's been forever since my last blog. Also I have disappeared into the real world for a long time. I come every now and then. Busy with school and work and life in general. Anyways, I'm here to blog about a good friend that I know, her name is Leticia, or Lilly for short. I've...
  • Memoir 18 comments


    I'm not one to write long rants and raves.. Let alone blog posts.. but I need an outlet to vent and try to gather my thoughts. Hm.. Anyway. A brief introduction. I'm 25, live in the Midwest part of the United States. I own my own home, 2 cars.. I have a kid and a fiancee.. A steady form of...
  • x65943 5 comments

    Sichuan pepper

    I went to a Chinese Restaurant today with my roommate. I opened the menu, and it was split between traditional and Americanized Chinese food. I had never had the real stuff before, so I decided to pick something from the traditional side of the menu. I figured I would get traditional Kung Pao...
  • LittleFlame 10 comments

    50 Days of blogs Day 19

    Dicks that is all [IMG]
  • Alkéryn 19 comments

    Another day in CrapTown aka my town

    So i mooved to a new town about 5 month ago (didn't wanted to but had to) and, even though i'm a really social guy i didn't met anyone yet, because we are in CrapTown™ and almost all the people out there are boring and bad frequentation (this town is well known in france to be one of the most...