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  • Seliph 13 comments

    I'm in a pretty awful situation

    I'm towards the end of my eight grade year and next year I'll be in highschool (that's still about 3-4 months away, I'm not entirely sure). And my girlfriend broke up with me a while ago. We were really close and I became friends with a lot of her friends and her friends became my main friend...
  • Ryumaru 14 comments

    This is amazing, playing songs known in the 3DS Zelda game.

    I was very well on YouTube when I came across these two videos below, I was impressed how this guy managed to play these songs in 3DS. Seriously this is impressive you do not think. [MEDIA] [MEDIA]
  • Gyrobax 0 comments

    I made my first 3ds theme

    I got bored and made it, though I don't just yet want to release it for download, reason is for some reason the BGM file isn't working even though it's supposed to after converting my wav file to it. anyone know how what went wrong? or what I did incorrectly?
  • Gameboyandwatch 10 comments

    Funny story

    Well, last night I made a thread asking if it was possible to install a CFW on my 2ds on 11.3. Impossible. So that was kinda annoying. Today, I get up, and get on my 2ds to find that the screen was cracked since it probably had 40 pounds of books laying on it. Well, I took it to GameStop, and...
  • Gyrobax 5 comments

    I recently beat mario kart 7

    it was fun but not as fun as wii and DS. over all though I did like it despite the constant blue shells being thrown at me during mirror and 150CC right when I was about to get first place (and now I will hold a grudge against that stupid bee queen for that, also no waluigi in the game so that's...
  • TheKingy34 23 comments

    Late one year thing

    Hello, I decided to make a blog entry letting you know that I did suspend myself for 1 week due to personal problems, and the fact that I missed my Temp day >:^( Welp, my Temp account turned 1 year old on the 21st Feb. 2017, time sure does go fast ;^( I'd like to say thanks to everyone, but...
  • sharkie545 0 comments

    Started unpacking all my old modded consoles

    Meet my Xbox original with a layer of dust lol. I think I still have my splinter scell and Mecha assualt and 007 with my action replay when I first started modding. Never really used it lol besides shenmue and fusion frenzy dam does it bring back memories.
  • Alk√©ryn 51 comments

    I have empathy issue

    Well a lot of close ones died when i grew up, but i never felt sad or anything, while others where in tears, i wouldn't even drop one so i felt like a monster for my lack of empathy until 12 when i decided to not give a shit about the fact that i wasn't sad when people died since i couldn't do...
  • Quantumcat 2 comments

    so many issues o_o

    Tried to use my own program to download the files for an a9lh installation. Didn't get 1 minute in before I saw two big problems lol. 1. messages are being written to the status window when the file doesn't match the selected region/type/firmware (easy fix), 2. had its contents...
  • Saiyan Lusitano 8 comments

    I was touched at a very young age.

    When I was around 5 or 6, my parents would let me sleepover (or ask his sister to take care of me -- I frankly don't remember exactly or know why anymore) and at night I'd sleep in the same bed as her very own daughter (she was about 18 or 19) -- back then I didn't know what I was doing to her...
  • Taleweaver 6 comments

    I started playing rocksmith 2014...

    Rocksmith is one of those "is this a game?"-games. It aims to let you learn the guitar. Not in the sense of guitar hero or rockband, but an actual, genuine guitar with strings, plectrum and all that stuff. I guess it's my nature to be drawn to this sort of "games". Yes, I liked rockband a lot,...
  • jurassicplayer 0 comments

    3DS Themer Log - Shelter Day 02

    There wasn't much done today at all. Mostly just finished rendering out some possible Rin images that I could use for the foreground since I didn't find ones I liked on my simple google search (not the greatest way to get renders anyways). The only real main thing that was accomplished was...
  • Quantumcat 3 comments

    I think I fixed it

    I think my program finally works --- just need jlibtorrent.dll at the same level. I am pretty sure it would never ever have worked as a jar by itself, so the two friends who told me it worked for them must never have actually tried it >.< which set me on the wrong path. Well now I understand a...
  • eechigoo 5 comments

    character shit (since basically everyone is doing it)

    First name: Daniela Pronunciation: Daniela :l Nickname(s) or Alias: eechi/dany Gender: female Species: Human Age: 15 Birthday: jan 11 Sexuality: who knows? Nationality: Mexican Religion: i have a book of shadows :u City or town of birth: hell monterrey Currently lives:...
  • Ryccardo 6 comments

    Sighax final name decided on!

    3DBrew article
  • LuxerWap 3 comments

    Luxer's Character Sheet

    Totally ripped from Vinny and Bobsy. I wanted to blog about something else controversial but I decided to do this instead. C: Full name: Luxer Husku Pronunciation: Loo-x-er Husk-u Nickname(s) or Alias: Lux/Luxy/Husku Gender: Male Species: Green Husky with a Broken Tail Age: 20 Birthday:...