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  • ComeTurismO

    Many things to say.

    Hello everyone. Yes, you the one who is reading this. First of, Know Your Temps is expecting more entries from contestants. Visit: to sign up for KYT's new season! --------------------------------------...
  • Clarky

    Holidays In The Sun

    Hey ho slags and lads, did you miss me? well its been an okay month so where to start... Goodwill has been a cool for me as I have managed to get away with Shinobi 3, Golden Axe 2 and a Game Genie on the Mega Drive/Genesis, Metal Gear Solid 3 : Snake Eater, Ridge Racer V on the PS2 and Kirby...
  • soulx

    LTTP MGS Peacewalker

    All caught up for MGSV (played every mainline game finally; MGS1->MGS2->MGS3->MGS4-MGSPW -> MGSGZ) Now on to my thoughts Positives: + Gameplay-wise I enjoyed it. Maps were definitely small and designed to be for a portable game but they fit well with the mission structure of the game. Fulton...
  • Snugglevixen

    I need to rant.

    I don't usually use coarse language, but when I do, it's because someone fucked up and fucked up BIG, REALLY FUCKING BIG. The free Windows 10 "upgrade" is a FUCKING VIRUS. Since installing it my metro apps have been crashing frequently, the mail app is near identical to the 8 version (none of...
  • junn


    tried the wireless mod posted here: used a 5v regulator at first but it'll make the 3ds charging light flicker if it's turned on. prolly because the coil output voltage would dropped below the...
  • Nintendo Fanboy

    My favorite games!

    So, I am not much of a "Next gen gamer", now, some new games are cool, but I don't like em much. I do like GTA: 3, It's fun, glitch and crashy on ps2, but It's a great and difficult game. Another good game that I turn on mostly for the music, is Skate or DIE!! 2! It's fun, I feel that Ultra...
  • soulx

    MGS4 [IMG] just continuing the blog series after three years MGS1 MGS2 MGS3
  • DarkFlare69

    Why I'm named "DarkFlare"

    This isn't just a random name I chose because it sounds cool, there's a little meaning behind it. When I was little, we used to have a betta fish that would flare up. I thought this meant he was happy. Then after about 8 years my life starting turning into shit and I went online to attempt to...
  • DarkFlare69

    Sister left for college

    My sister is gone for college, 5 hours away. In some ways I don't care, but I can tell that I might get lonely sometimes :/ and my parents will bother me more.
  • Nintendo Fanboy

    People, chill with the useless threads about IronHax and TubeHax!!

    Now, I may get hate comments because I did the same, but people are right, seeing the same thing OVER and OVER again is starting to annoy a TON of people, including me. I stopped, It's flooding the forums and it's a waste of time. By the time you click the "Post New Thread" button, half of...
  • MattKimura

    [Discussion] If you've bought a Gateway card but use ONLY cia games, you've been ripped off!

    I notice that there are users out there that be like "YAY Gateway, now I got the power" BUT then they be like "I hate .3ds games, gives me problems. All I use are .cia games" Dude! You could've just used Rxtools and did the same thing! Don't you realize that you could have had the simplicity...
  • Chakk7uy

    A True war Hero

    Jesus Christ is the ONLY True GOD! The ONLY GOD who rose from the dead and lives forever. Jesus Christ is the ONLY ONE who qualifies to give us eternal life. He will also heal your bodies . FOR FREE You have to ask Him ...
  • CrackerZack

    Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire - The Good, The Bad, The Dissapointing

    Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, released between Late 2014 and Early 2015 (At least I think it did) So here I am talking about what I loved, didn't love and what is dissapointing. Lets get right to it! [IMG] Let's start off with the good. First of all, it was easy, so new players...
  • RevPokemon

    So I learned my dad might die

    Ok, so here is how everything is going so far. Well my mom is a remarried woman who married my step dad (who I call dad as the other one is a piece of shit and im adopted anyway) last year. He is truly awesome guy but he has had heart issues for a long time (which is why he retired from working...
  • Fire_Slasher

    Paper Mario: TTYD More than meets the eye?

    I just love how Mario can do ''jobs'' for people in rogueport like delivering mysterious packages (drugs) to highly suspicious (criminals) goombas and he doesn't even question the integrity of the job or the package, he just want da money to then proceed and waste it all on the casino (gambling...
  • WhoAmI?

    I hate being emotional

    Why is it that when I get close to someone (by "close", I mean actually having a crush on them) I start losing my mind? So I had a friend and she was really nice! She'd give me tips and advice, be there when I needed her and we'd roleplay, play a video games (only happened twice :-: ) and joke...