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  • ComeTurismO

    KYT Information [please read] & Life Commentary

    Hello all, most of you know I'm inactive for many reasons (sister's wedding, other necessary wedding events too), and it is my top priority to help around in the environment I am in, in the outer world. Because of this, I am going to pull a DarkFlare69 and leave for a long time, and come back...
  • epictemp

    Cfg usb loader:ssbb/project m asks me to insert the disc.

    Hey there fella's. I softmodded my wii and want to play project m. I use the project m iso 3.5. I tried both brawl and the iso and it works for a moment then asks me to insert smash brawl disc. My wii's disc reader is broken. Please i need help because I posted the same thing on reddit. Btw, my...
  • breaktemp

    Know Your Temps: breaktemp

    Testing out the blog post option here. Also, like the title say, I am currently in the hot-seat for KYT here : It appears that it will be up for about a week, and I encourage everyone to ask away. And if you have any...
  • ComeTurismO

    Feel so isolated in my family

    The weather is great out there! Friends are at Canada's Wonderland (Canada's largest theme park--not allowed to go with friends for some odd reason), my brother went swimming with friends, and my mom and sisters and brother in law are apparently enjoying it at Niagra Falls (sister posted a...
  • ariankordi

    GBATemp has blogs?

  • dragonmaster

    A Forest ranger fed up

    i got a scholarship to become a forest ranger ,bur i am fed up my first bachelor was in history and literature i got the forester diploma now ,and as my country is pushed from e.u my feature is of low salary and high dangers what i can do i dont know.i came first in exams to do the diploma free...
  • ComeTurismO


    It's been a while since I posted a blog, might as well speak out. There's exactly 50 more days till this summer "vacation" ends, and I already am actually waiting to go for school. Many of my friends are on vacations, some are in the U.S, somewhere in Europe or Africa--I don't know. I wish I...
  • endoverend

    Not so great

    A lot of terrible shit has been happening to me recently and I think i'm going to leave for at least a week and try to stay off technology. 've been too focused on attention getting lately and I think staying offline can help me find some friends or something. anyway, I'll see y'all in a week,...
  • iamKHEEMchi

    Fragile Dreams

    When we have our Wii (we sell it and bought a ps3) i was playing this game called Fragile Dreams. It has a bad uhhh ratings.. Kinda like 6 over 10 or more? I forgot well it plays on that numbers so yea. I really like that gameplay and the story even if it's kinda rush and nonsense for others....
  • Retr0Capez

    Retr0Capez's plans and thoughts of Ruling the World and other personal things. DAY ONE

    Hello my soon to be minions. Today I will be starting a blog on my plans to rule the world and talk about my life. Get your pants on, because everyday I will post a new entry. So, one of the main things I want to do when I grow up is rule the world, but peacefully, and better mankind threw...
  • iamKHEEMchi

    Last of Us

    (Warning Spoilers) So last april, my sister bought a ps3 and the game included in the ps3 is last of us. She doesn't like survival/horror games so I'm the one who played it. One thing I could say to the game is it is FREAKIN' ADDICTING and SUPER MELODRAMATIC. I crammed on studying for my final...
  • VinsCool

    I moved!

    Hello! I've been away for a very long time, Even Darkflare69 couldn't believe it. I finally moved with my girlfriend, Isabelle, to my new place! :) A very nice bachelor with a lot of space and wood finish, chalet style. Things are getting better on my end, even though I had a lot of stress and...
  • Newest Nick Team

    Newest Nick News: 7/15/15

    My first blog for GBATemp! :D Anyway, let's get to the news: LOGO CHANGE We are thing of a logo change. It's gonna be with Sherbert doing his pose on top of the Newest Nick words. This change may happen if we get enough people wanting it. As such, the logo is on our DeviantART if you wanna...
  • dragonmaster

    The icloud locked ipad and why i wont ever buy apple again

    a while ago i traded with a shady guy my tablet with an iPad 3 ,it was working fine until i tried to restore it ,i got a nice screen asking for an i cloud id, i tried contacting the guy but poof vaporware, i contacted apple and they don't feel obliged to help ,i am stuck with a brick that cost...
  • deakphreak

    Why I hate buying new games

    I decided that it was time to buy a new Xbox One game so I went to my local store and browsed what they had. There were not many exclusive titles and I owned most of the good ones. I saw Evolve and Dying Light. I had watched some Dying Light on Twitch and it looked cool, but a bit monotonous....
  • Attacker3

    A Good Day

    Today I got 2 free games. One I got was from a guy who was trading the Duck Game to the highest bidder. I won that. And I worked on a Wiki of an excellent Indie game, and I got a key for that too. Helping is rewarded. Remember that.