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  • Taleweaver

    The price of cheap/free games...

    I've been doing a lot of cleaning, lately. Among which, I sort of tossed out most of my youth hobby: cracking games. It was the late nineties to around 2003, burning CD's was just "a thing" (buffer underrun, anyone?) and it held a for-that-time quite large amount of data. And with the internet...
  • Edgedancer

    Been here for over 8 years now.. And I missed the anniversary

    Hey guys, A lot of you probably don't know me/remember me but I've been gone for ages. It's been a long time since I was an active member of this community, but I just logged in after ages and figured out that I'm over I years old on this website. This was an amazing place that really introduced...
  • dragonmaster

    Is it a necessity to have a smartwatch ? does it worth the bang for the buck

    evolution in tech did bring to us some marvelous things, i remember the old days of cellphones of monochrome screen the prices sky high the consoles 8bit 16bit etc ,what now we have for one that comes from this era is simply great. who could imagine in the era of first playstation or sega saturn...
  • sookielioncourt

    The London Innovation Summit 2014

    No matter how you do It, we all have the same reasons for overclocking our computers: we want computers that perform like they were sent straight back from the future, and we want them now. We want performance that’s light-years ahead of its time, and will stop at nothing to get it, going so far as...
  • hayden1625


    If anyone has and extra pokemon omega ruby and alpha sapphire demo code i would really appreciate if you emailed it to me at THANK YOU:P
  • eggmanfat120

    Starting hyrule warriors! :D

    Im starting hyrule warriors now! :D Wish me luck!
  • junn

    here's mine.

  • Guild McCommunist

    Saved for later

    As per my promise to rub it in his face when he's dead wrong.
  • zerono0o

    3DS is better than PSVita only because...

    PSVita works like a smartphone with its higher resolution touchscreen. 3DS' dual screen is nothing more than a gimmick. Honestly speaking, the PSVita just outperform 3DS with its visuals and performance without the gimmicky 3D effect and the redundant second screen. Most people and the guys or gals...
  • WiiCube_2013

    Uncharted 3 feels like a step down from Uncharted 2

    As a whole I loved everything about Uncharted 2 and getting that feeling of finishing the story of Uncharted 2 was very rewarding so I thought I'd give Uncharted 3 seeing how it's the sequel and that the trailer looked promising (Drake's on a plane then steps out to a land filled with sand...
  • WiiCube_2013

    This happened.

    I probably shouldn't post this but I just don't care. On Tuesday (Sept 30) I went to work as usual, started my shift (07:00AM-15:00PM) and then I saw one of the managers (he's a pretty cool guy) so I decided to speak to him about the shifts which actually I should've been on the Late...
  • WiiCube_2013

    Nintendo and their Terrible Names for the Consoles

    First and foremost: This is not a topic about trolling or bashing Nintendo simply want to understand why they keep making the same mistake over and over again. The Wii was an okay name and people got it by its meaning but then a couple years later Nintendo released the Wii U, which still to this...
  • Duo8

    Thoughts on smartwatches and their future

    This will be like smartphones all over again. Unnecessarily powerful and steals your attention way to much. It's supposed to be something to show you time and relay notifications from your phone. However, they seem to be becoming standalone devices now, with a full-blown Android OS and what with...
  • mikesahi

    Online Games - Get Great Excitement

    If you are doing a job which involves eight hours of work, you require some relaxation at the end of the day. You may be delighted to know that there are free online games which can actually work as a stress buster. Games offer lot of fun, specially the multi-player ones. With these games, you can...
  • LightyKD

    What Really REALLY Grinds my Gears: Gaming Edition

    Today is one of those days where I'm really really f*cking tired of the gaming industry's bullshit! Here are some things that are pushing me over the edge! 1) Play the Hyrule Warriors demo at select retailers Hey, Nintendo, don't you have a freggin eShop? Why do I need to leave my residence and...
  • Crystal the Glaceon

    Another year, another dollar

    So it's been another year since I first joined the Temp and too much has changed both for me and for the Temp. The last couple of years I've been rather away from the Temp, even though I still pop on and I was even made an Admin on filetrip, I find that I don't contribute like I used to to this...
  • eggsample

    Ta da dump

    Ha, I didn't hit corectly in yesterday's Smash Bros 3DS hacking topic. My prediction was that 2 group will dump the game and none of them was Caravan. Cheers
  • ghfghf7

    Even better than gateway!

    A couple months ago a I bought my 3DS XL 4.5 from an ebay seller "as is" it came in great condition and i had no problems getting it working with gateway I played the games i wanted and forgot about it till all the smash hype, i decided recently to update emunand to explore the eshop, made a NNID...
  • junn

    recent mods

    Gba SP [AGS-101] and Revo K101 blue LED mod [ATTACH] Blue LED and reset button on GBA with AGS-101 backlit mod. [ATTACH] [ATTACH] Gba with internal rechargeable lithium battery and with micro usb external power port. [ATTACH] [ATTACH] Mini usb charging port and Blue power LED on white DSL...