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  • Ravioli

    I'm Fuckin' Retarded and Also Mad

    I decided to update my V8.1.0-19U 3DS XL yesterday to the latest firmware of V.9.4.0-21. I only did it because I knew that cards have only supported 4.1-4.5 for the longest time, and I just figured I might as well go ahead and update so I could actually use the eShop for once. I was certain that...
  • rayjay

    Bloody youtube playlist buttons

    Stupid youtube keeps auto-playing the videos in my favourites even with repeat playlist button un-highlighted. It used to be that even if I refreshed the page the button would stay off, then it started to turn itself on whenever I go forwards or backwards, now it's gotten even worse!
  • nyder

    Great news about Gateway 3DS

    I have some some great news. My Gateway 3DS has shipped, should have it in a few days. I still have to wait for the Omega 2 release though. We can all agree, this is great news right?


    According to their news, Gateway is aware that 9.3.0-21 has come, but they have verified that they are not going any further than 9.2.0-20 (At least at this moment, but perhaps later when they get familiar with the new firmware). Link: What is your take on this? You...
  • 3dsbaby

    Just Decided to buy sky3ds

    just decided to buy sky3ds for my new 3ds, and it is really good luck that new sky3ds will release:lol: I find new sky3ds pictures from [IMG] The official supports site hasn't post any pictures, but already released the new pictures, means they already have stocks of new...
  • Lucifer666

    Gateway, Smash, December

    All this talk about the Gateway supporting 9.2 made me order one! Yep, I just paid for it in full on RealHotStuff and I can't WAIT. Still I'm kinda hoping they don't release 9.2 support until the NN3DS is out in North America (speaking of, why don't we have a release date yet?), just so that...
  • jonthedit

    I did it. I defeated my unconscious for an extended period of time

    This... Is not something that will make sense to most people here. But maybe I am not alone. Who knows? Even I do not know the first real experience. I only know for sure- the first experience I won. I won : September 20 2014 at 7:15AM between 7:20AM, I am not perfectly sure the exact minute, I...
  • xwatchmanx

    My 1st impression of the Hori Battle Pad (Also, Hori Battle Pad vs. PDP Wired Fight Pad)

    Finally got my Luigi themed Hori Battle Pad in the mail, today! :D I've been eagerly awaiting its arrival, and put it to work as soon as I arrived. Here's what I tested it with (the times are approximations, not exact times). Super Smash Bros. for Wii U- 1 hour Super Smash Bros: Project M 3.5- 10...
  • soulx

    PS4 Impressions from a Nintendo console owner

    Trapped with only Nintendo home consoles (and a mediocre PC) for the past two generations, I ended up breaking the chain this Black Friday and got a PS4. Gone are the days of shitty online, or having to add friend codes or not having an account system to prevent me from losing all my digital games....
  • Guild McCommunist

    Guild Plays: Playstation 4

    Yup, my gut got the better of me and sent me out to buy a Playstation 4. Which I did. I got the Black Friday bundle which is the same as a PS4 at MSRP but with GTA V and TLoU Remastered included. I also got a free charging station from Target. Woohoo. But more importantly are my thoughts....
  • TJHeartnote

    Bought Cubic ninja, Should I resell it for GW?

    I got a copy of cubic ninja. should I sell it for money towards a gateway card? Given the 9.0.2-20X support. I mean Nintendo may overlook it given ninjahax is not generating profit loss of it since smealum ensured it won't give kernel access. But I want to try to work on a PSX emulator, and the...
  • Taleweaver

    Post-mortem games...

    I've got to admit something: I never preordered games. Never. I've bought some games on launch day, but not that often. And I haven't felt the rush to "go home and instantly play this game" in...erm...ever? At least 10-15 years. Even now: I've bought Donkey Kong Country tropical Freeze and...
  • Gumby Birmingham_Dave

    Hyrule Warrior AMIIBO update HACK

    very simple guys... ive tested this several times. you get one free gift per day per amiibo. it says you can use up to 5 different amiibo per day. well this gets you unlimited gifts and ive already reaped over a million rupees from doing this. and it does it with only one amiibo all you need is...
  • mikeyt1998

    Why Did I Start YouTubing... (A Short True Story)

    Hello my fellow tempers, first time I've ever posted in something that isn't hacking related I think... Anyways! I thought this might be an interesting tale of my journey from someone suffering from a lack of confidence to a better person through the support of people! And I guess this can be...
  • Nostalgianinja

    Tetris Ultimate - Personal compliments and complaints

    Been playing Tetris Ultimate for 2 weeks now. From what I've played, there are quite a few complaints and compliments to go along with my personal review that will be posted on my Wordpress blog later tomorrow. Complaints: - Blue. Just, blue everywhere. The game is extremely blue and there's no...
  • InsanePinkiePie

    Philips-CDI Emulator for the Wii.

    Is it possible? I'd love this to be a real thing for the Homebrew Channel. If it's not then why?
  • Wolvenreign

    The Wii U is a gaming wet dream.

    Just got a Wii U for my birthday! Cheezus Cheddar Cracker Christ, this console is fucking ORGASMIC. For the life of me, I just can't understand why people hate on the Wii U so much. It's a freaking Nintendo Dreamcast HD! The gamepad is great, with the screen and the controller at just the right...
  • eggsample

    Cubic ninja in 2035 if there's no SSSpwn

    [IMG] HD originally posted at
  • Lord Coolman

    Who hates Mario Party as much as I am?

    So there I was, drunk on a friend's place and uncapable of concealing sleep at 5 a.m. He was awake like me, even drunker and after a while of babbling we decided to play something on his computer, and there I found PJ64 and MP2. Sure, we were capable of holding controllers, and after setting some...