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  • pdensco

    Dragon Quest Rocket Slime 2?

    Does anyone know where to get Dragon Quest Rocket Slime 2 patch or somthing? I have played dragon quest rocket slime and it was pretty awsome but part 2 did,nt came to (usa) or (eur) version. Does anyone here who can help me? if you can translate ds games please translate this game it will be a...
  • Cherry Pie

    My first blog :)

    Hey there. Yes, you the reader of this blog. My name is Sam, but I'm better known as Cherry Pie. If you don't or you do know me, continue reading. I will tell a little about myself, even though that some you might know what I'm about to tell you. I'm 16 years old and I live in the United States....
  • 2Hack

    Well, first blog :D Coaching, Work, and life

    I've written out a first one multiple times, but this time will almost certainly be published :P So most of you know this, but I am 19, live in Canada, and love football. Massive fan of Chelsea FC, and also really like Valencia CF. It sucks that Valencia games are a bitch to stream properly, and...
  • epictemp

    Nintendont bug.

    Hey guys there is a problem with nintendont. when I play anygame I have installed in my usb thumb. my wii closes sometimes. is it because I don't use usb loader gx?
  • the_randomizer

    I need help making amends

    I know I just made a blog entry not too long ago, but I'm at a loss as far as making amends with someone I deeply offended two months ago. It hurts, a lot, and I wish I never said those horrific things to this person's friend. Here's the lowdown, there were two friends, one I knew and met...
  • Kyrus

    GOLD R4 3DS

    Please anybody help me i wont be able to play this r4. i tried to add some games in it whenit was workiung but i dont knowwhat happened it got corrupted please anybody help me and its site given in the r4 is no longer working now,
  • VinsCool

    Thanking Everybody

    I just want to say "thank you" to every single person who were there for me. This includes IRL people and Internet people as well. Thank you very much everyone :) Also, those who personally wished me Happy Birthday, That was really appreciated, and means a lot for me. ~VinsCool
  • DavidBordicott

    The Escapist DS

    WELCOME TO CENTER PERKS So, you think you're better than the law? Screenshots soon...
  • Tallion

    "Backwards Compatible" podcast!

    Hey guys! I'm a long time lurker here and recently started posting on the Vita Hacking forums. I started a podcast that centers around gaming news and classic games with some buddies! I would be extremely appreciative if any of you would want to tune in and listen! Please let me know your thoughts!...
  • Clarky

    Shitty Shitty Bang Bang

    Hello all, April madness I tell you, lol.... So i'm not sure if i mentioned it before but I have been trying to get my wife's car smog-ed because if it isn't she can't get her registration on it and will be illegal to use on the road. We need to get the check engine light turned off so we take it...
  • DarkFlare69

    Look what I found at Goodwill

    [ATTACH] [ATTACH] [ATTACH] $2.99 - Game works and is pretty much perfect. I already own this game but bought another one.
  • the_randomizer

    My friend just took her own life, and I am at a loss

    And I don't know what do to, and I hope that a blog is appropriate for venting my deeply impacted feelings. I hate to unload on the Temp regarding this matter, but tonight, I leaned absolutely horrific news regarding a good fox owner friend of mine. I spent time at my parent's house only to receive...
  • pdensco

    Anyone who need a logo design!

    Just give me an idea of what you would like it to look like, colors, etc; and I'll design something that you're guaranteed to love! Or just choose from one of my examples!.I will design an attractive and eye-catching retro vintage logo for you. In basic $5 package you will get: A 100%...
  • Sicklyboy

    Life is tough

    And prepare for me to whine like a bitch. I just feel like venting in a place where not a lot of people will see. Life is tough, man, I have things going farely well all things considered but the things that are getting to me are really getting to me. I'm pretty sure I could be considered...
  • DavidBordicott

    Floppy Bo, the DS Flappy Bird You are Bo, a clumsy bird. who lives by a pipe park. Your task, fly through pipes. Easy A- Flaps Tap-Taps
  • ArnoDorian

    The Two Sides of Peace

    Disclaimer: This blog entry will tackle about the events of war and rebellion happening in my country. This might be long so leave if you must. 3 months ago a tragedy took place in the southern parts of my country. 44 brave soldiers died while tracking down a terrorist. The terrorist was said to...
  • VinsCool

    Importance of helping each others.

    There are times I want to help everyone, I hate to see people feeling bad. If I get to help someone, I would know what problem they had. Something I know I could do for needful I want to help and get rid of sadness. Something that could get rid of awfull, Leading to no more madness. I would like to...
  • epictemp

    Theatrythm final fantasy curtain call: Hardest music stage ever?

    Whats the hardest music stage in your opinion? My hardest until now is maybe im a lion or crazy chocobo.
  • AboodXD


    I want to watch so many things that are just available in Netflix..... But there is no Netflix here in UAE Can I use piracy to download movies now? I think I'm excused...