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  • HamBone41801 0

    I'm making my shitty code not-so-shitty, and I'd like your help!

    when I first made the twitch bot, I figured It'd be a fun experiment and that I would never touch it again. However, I started cleaning up the code, and I realized that the console was really messy and could use some work. After I finished color-coding and formatting everything, I realized that...
  • smileyhead 17

    Smiley's Dream Log #5 - Hugs!

    I dreamt about hugging my love every day. We weren't together, we were just friends, but I hoped they'd get the hint. It felt warm and fuzzy. Somehow, I had a bad feeling I might be getting annoying, though. I hope I'll dream this again soon. It felt so good.
  • Spectral Blizzard 35

    The place to comment about Spectral Blizzard

    I'm back! Actually, I never left. I just stayed away from most members. ... There's gonna be one hell of a shitstorm here, isn't there. ... Well, this is the place to comment on me. I want your bullshit. ... For some reason.
  • Yepi69 10

    Literally so pissed right now

    No, this is not a clickbait. I'll explain. I have an iPhone 6+ that my workmate gave to me, the reason was because she dropped it into a bucket of water and the screen went kaput, the phone would turn on just fine and work properly too. I bought a cheap ebay screen for it and it worked...
  • sliver123 3

    Do you like Dogs ? woof woof who let the dog out woof woof...

    Ok, i wanted to put only ''Do you like dogs ''' in title but then that music song came into my mind and my hand moved on his own and writing that extra part, Anyway, what is your opinion about dogs ? You like dogs? You hate them ? You cried for a dog ? Let's share the world our opinions......
  • TheKingy34 32

    Kingy's MiniPinion #1: Ugandan Knuckles - A terrible meme.

    [ATTACH] DISCLAIMER: (Kingy's MiniPinion is not aimed towards one, but is just what I think. I apologise if you (somehow) get offended) (Kingy's MiniPinion is also kinda exaggerated, so please take a grain of salt.) I wouldn't call myself much of a "meme snob"- I don't even get that invested...
  • the_randomizer 42

    I'm not as happy as I should be

    I don't want to stress anyone who knows me out, or cause anyone who's friends with me to look at me any less. My job is in shambles, I'm still in debt, and I'm just not happy as I should be. I'm trying to figure out what the hell is causing all this, why I'm not happy at my job, why I set myself...
  • Ev1l0rd 92

    A critcism of GBATemp As far as I am aware this does not go against the Terms and Rules. I'm open to amendments and/or discussion of all points but the final one, since that one will only lead to pointless yay/nay namecalling.
  • brickmii82 7

    Something motivational

    I wanted to drop in and just remind everyone that no matter what challenges you’re facing, you can always keep hope. I truly believe that with a little faith in yourself, some realistic timelines and goals, and A LOT of hard work, anything is possible. We all seem to encounter these challenges...
  • NutymcNuty 0


    I got a free laptop from my coop and its actually quite decent considering it has an old ass i3 it runs windows 10 really well! if anyone is wondering its a Dell Studio 1558 with a snazzy opi nail polish backplate.
  • HamBone41801 5

    Shitty code: part two

    The twitch bot worked pretty well. The only issue was that I could only get one or two people on at a time. So stage two is implementing a system that will check if any one is there, and make random moves if chat is empty. That part is almost done, so while I’m finishing it up, I have a random...
  • HamBone41801 8

    I was bored so I wrote some shitty code.

    it’s one of those “twitch plays” bots. I don’t really plan on using it all that much, but it’s still on from testing, so if you’d like, you can play. The current game is Pokemon red. Currently, it requires 10 votes to do an action, although it should probably just be on a timer. Use lowercase...
  • supergamer368 3

    happeh birfdai 2 mee

    Hooray I am now 14. I will commemorate this with a blog post, a very rare thing for me. thats it
  • Nerdtendo 19

    Tell me something about yourself

    This blog post is really an excuse to get to know some of you guys. Y'all seem like generally cool people. What's something interesting about yourself? It can be anything from a story you have from you were 9, to your dog's name. Ready, set, go.
  • bennyman123abc 6

    I'm leaving the Temp...

    I'm leaving the... Ok, I'm back :D
  • 330 24

    I just met someone with Streetpass. At home. While I was sleeping.

    I keep my n3ds in the room where I sleep. It should be around 50/65 feet (or 15/20 meters) from the street. Today I slept A LOT for some reason and I woke up a few hours ago and my n3ds's LED was green. I met someone. Not only that, it was someone with my same name. I also got a notification...
  • NutymcNuty 11

    I now has an LG G4!!!!

    Twas a hand-me-down from my mom. Gonna get a battery replacement lets hope I don't get bootloop'd
  • AlanJohn 3

    7 years

    Unbelievable. Somehow, I've managed not only to be "active" on this site for over 7 years, but I have also managed to consistently write a blog or topic about it annually. Usually these posts start with "Hey I remember registering here to ask about my R4i Pro Gold after yahoo answers failed me",...