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  • Nerdtendo 11

    It's Thanksgiving my dudes and I have a treat for you

    One of my favorite holidays. It is a time to reflect on the joys of life and be with those you love. The food is definitely a plus too, but I'm not here to talk about that stuff. I'm here to share this video that my church tortures us with every year and dont worry, it's super cringey. If you...
  • HamBone41801 3

    My experience on /r/pokemontrades

    my first trade went off without a hitch. (bottlecap for a harvest phantump) my second trade however, is not going so well. the trade was supposed to be a marshadow code for my silvally code, however his code did not go through (already claimed). he has, however, been very cooperative, so as...
  • austin5623 0

    Something interesting while I was at school.

    A few days ago, my science teacher thought it would be a good idea to teach us about cooking a turkey (cause ya know Thanksgiving). She explained the science about it like chemical changes and all that. She also said the obvious things like, "Don't put a frozen turkey in a deep-fryer, especially...
  • sks316 11

    I'll be leaving GBAtemp for an unknown amount of time. Here's why:

    Recently my computer's decided to take a shit, and that means I can't browse GBAtemp as often as I'd like. I'm working on getting this shit heap that I call a computer for whatever reason replaced, but it'll take some time, so, I've been forced to make this decision: I'll be leaving GBAtemp for...
  • SSQ 5

    Update on the last emotional journal

    so Y'all now I lost my friend well here's an update on the situation. I was a bit of a dick towards a few people so yeah I kinda deserved it but now we're friends again thank God. :grog:B-)
  • SSQ 7

    How I feel about GBAtemp

    These are my people This is where I come from We're givin' this life everything we've got and then some It ain't always pretty But it's real That's the way we were made Wouldn't have it any other way These are my people [MEDIA]
  • Eix 0

    shoes for lazy ppl

    my shoes finally gave oit yesterday after a full cycle (2.5 years) so I got a new pair and they are made fo lazy ppl they have fucking sand painted onto the rubber so it looks like you actually do stuff even though im lazy im probably going to have more real sand than fake sand on tue rubber...
  • jt_1258 14

    Scratching the surface of bad programing

    Alright, I think I have gone to far. I have never gone so low in my life but I made this atrocity seen below. It has working text box sounds, text, and background hurts so much knowing I wasted a few hours of my life on this... [IMG]
  • aykay55 34

    I’m hungry. Hungry.

    What’s the one food y’all eat which fills up your stomach and gives you the boost you need? For me it’s Entenmann’s Little Bites!
  • Eix 20

    my left hand

    just read the chat im too lazy to copypaste it over[ATTACH]
  • jt_1258 35

    How do people go with linux...

    I'm not trying to rant about linux or anything but it feels like a large pain to work with. I can't seem to get usb persistence so my settings and shit save. I also can't seem to get installation of programs to always work, which is made worse by how I can't even have them stay when they do...
  • Jacklack3 17

    The animal fox rant...

    You probably already know what I actually mean. Now I really don't wanna start drama, okay, part of me does but if anything, I just want to say this since telling it to Ninjafox's face doesn't really do anything it seems. This is a rant on "Ninjafox", the creator of Foxverse. Now I really like...
  • GarnetSunset 5

    The AstronautLevel not coming to my house, baking for me, and generally being a nice guy rant.

    I HAVE TO SAY FIRST OFF, I AM A CLOSED SOURCE PHOBE. @astronautlevel NEVER COMES TO MY HOUSE AND COOKS FOR ME. WTF. I JUST WANT THIS MANS TO DO THINGS FOR ME. Please astro just make me cookies, cmon man its not hard. I'll give you a high five. @ctrninja So we collabing on the e621verse thing...
  • Marioyoshi64 6


    Apparently my post isn't even good enough for the EoF. :shit:
  • xXDungeon_CrawlerXx 11

    Testing my RPG Project for N3DS & Switch on the PSTV.... and everyone in my PS4 Friendlist can see it, lol.

    Hey Guys, I just tested my Game Project for N3DS and Switch on the PSTV and noticed that everyone in my PSN Friendlist can see what I'm playing. I'm glad Sony didn't ban me for that. [ATTACH]
  • yodenny 60

    Why i refuse to buy (ultra) moon / sun

    1. It is Literally a Remake of last year except these lazy bums just put (ultra) glitter on it. and even their previous remakes were a billion times more better example (heartgold,soulsilver) 2.z-moves are boring barely use them and they add no real content to the game its literally just an...
  • Ryumaru 0

    Tutorial Part 07 - How to put colors, with even coloring on the themes buttons

    Before starting this tutorial, here are some explanations, the settings imposed in this tutorial, allowed you to create uniform colors on the buttons of your themes, there may be a small margin of error if you do not position the colors perfectly . These settings will only work in the Usagi...
  • Gyrobax 2

    Recently got some cool retro stuff

    So my dad found a box near where he works filled with some cool stuff, like a gameboy color, a gameboy advance, and a DS (original) not only that, but a working copy of Mario and Luigi Superstar, and Pokemon Gold. Curious though, are there Flash cards for the GBA Slot of the DS? Don't really...
  • eechigoo 29


    I hadn't fed the dogs in a few days and now both Kiki and Koko are gone. Fat guy's house smells even worse, like a corpse. Kikin, trapo, and pelusa are still there. We haven't seen Winston or Julia (the stray dogs that live in our street) in a while too. So, three things could've happened:...
  • leon315 8

    Black Friday: when hot deals are NOT very hot

    Have you ever heard about Black Friday? Legend says u will find everything you need at great DEAL... Today I was looking for a SSD on amazon, to revive my old notebook. Suddenly I saw there's a hot deal which SanDisk SSD 500G has dropped from 185 to 149! I was sooooo EXITED! I HAVE NEVER...