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  • deetee73

    goods for sale

    Hi i am selling a ps vita is there a section on here where you can sell your second hand goods
  • WiiCube_2013

    Nintendo and their Terrible Names for the Consoles

    First and foremost: This is not a topic about trolling or bashing Nintendo simply want to understand why they keep making the same mistake over and over again. The Wii was an okay name and people got it by its meaning but then a couple years later Nintendo released the Wii U, which still to this...
  • Duo8

    Thoughts on smartwatches and their future

    This will be like smartphones all over again. Unnecessarily powerful and steals your attention way to much. It's supposed to be something to show you time and relay notifications from your phone. However, they seem to be becoming standalone devices now, with a full-blown Android OS and what with...
  • mikesahi

    Online Games - Get Great Excitement

    If you are doing a job which involves eight hours of work, you require some relaxation at the end of the day. You may be delighted to know that there are free online games which can actually work as a stress buster. Games offer lot of fun, specially the multi-player ones. With these games, you can...
  • LightyKD

    What Really REALLY Grinds my Gears: Gaming Edition

    Today is one of those days where I'm really really f*cking tired of the gaming industry's bullshit! Here are some things that are pushing me over the edge! 1) Play the Hyrule Warriors demo at select retailers Hey, Nintendo, don't you have a freggin eShop? Why do I need to leave my residence and...
  • Crystal the Glaceon

    Another year, another dollar

    So it's been another year since I first joined the Temp and too much has changed both for me and for the Temp. The last couple of years I've been rather away from the Temp, even though I still pop on and I was even made an Admin on filetrip, I find that I don't contribute like I used to to this...
  • eggsample

    Ta da dump

    Ha, I didn't hit corectly in yesterday's Smash Bros 3DS hacking topic. My prediction was that 2 group will dump the game and none of them was Caravan. Cheers
  • ghfghf7

    Even better than gateway!

    A couple months ago a I bought my 3DS XL 4.5 from an ebay seller "as is" it came in great condition and i had no problems getting it working with gateway I played the games i wanted and forgot about it till all the smash hype, i decided recently to update emunand to explore the eshop, made a NNID...
  • junn

    recent mods

    Gba SP [AGS-101] and Revo K101 blue LED mod [ATTACH] Blue LED and reset button on GBA with AGS-101 backlit mod. [ATTACH] [ATTACH] Gba with internal rechargeable lithium battery and with micro usb external power port. [ATTACH] [ATTACH] Mini usb charging port and Blue power LED on white DSL...
  • thisbirch221

    need help on how to fix your wii i can help you

    i know how to fix a wii that dosent play gamecube games
  • Taleweaver

    Isn't it time we took android/iOS seriously as a gaming platform?

    By itself, it was just another one of those threads: "PSVita vs 3DS". By the numbers specs on what each handheld device has to offer, not too shabby comparison and a lengthy poll... But it's all about just those two devices. And not only that, but the obvious "get a smartphone" answer is barely...
  • kroesamaj

    R4 3DS

    R4 3DS card for Nintendo 3DS at R4 3DS scheda per Nintendo 3DS a Cartão de 3DS R4 para Nintendo 3DS em R4 3DS kaart voor Nintendo 3DS op R4 tarjeta 3DS para Nintendo 3DS en R4 3DS carte pour Nintendo 3DS à...
  • ANU815

    Hacking ethics

    So, just something I need to put out there since I've seen this come up in other scenes like PSP, Vita and maybe others. How is it that some devs will claim an ethical stance against ROMS and playing backups but allow homebrew emulators? Sure an SNES game is worth about $1 now and I guess the devs...
  • ShinyJellicent12

    That Late August Feeling

    Don't you hate that late August feeling where the weather slowly starts to change, you don't feel like doing anything, and school is about to start which bums you out even more (or at least if you live in the Northern Hemisphere which I'm sure that many of you do)? And plus, I'm bogged down with...
  • Originality

    Choosing an Upgrade - Chassis Edition

    Last time I looked at the motherboards on my shortlist, mostly as a way of sorting out my opinions to decide what I want in my future upgrade path (there will always be a need for more drives), and partially to let others see what kind of thought can go into a system build and how system builders...
  • Originality

    Choosing an Upgrade - Motherboard Edition

    So I've been doing a lot of research into Z97 motherboards in the last couple weeks and feel like posting some of my findings here as a way of sorting out my own thoughts and considerations into this. I've said in my last post that my motive for upgrading is a shortage of free SATA ports in my...
  • Kuledawg

    DIOS MIOS 2.11 No Splash Screen, HELP!

    I've recently updated to DIOS MIOS v2.11 on my wii, but whenever i try to load a game the screen goes black and no GC symbol. I beleive I'm doing most of the things correctly, the sd cluster size is 64kb and the usb cluster size is 32kb. Can someone please help? I was playing Metroid Prime on...
  • InsanePinkiePie

    MIOS Patcher not starting!

    Hello, I am using Homebrew on my Wii and trying to use the Action Replay Gamecube application. I already finished the CIOS installer and now I'm on step 2, the MIOS Patcher. I pressed A to start the installer but it didn't, it took me back to the loader. How do I fix this? If anyone knows then...