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  • Sonic Angel Knight 4

    Tried a twitch stream.

    So recently I tried streaming to twitch, I played 2 hours of Mega Man Maker. It was.... okay. But Not what I made this post for. I just wanted some feedback. If anyone care to watch the archived video, please tell me what you think of the quality. I used Open Broadcast software, with the auto...
  • ItsKipz 1

    Blizzard and physical game discs.

    So I've been getting interested in strategy games recently, and one series that caught my eye was Starcraft. I wanted to buy a copy of Starcraft 2, since 1 was free and imo not that good nowadays. (but the remaster looks cool) I went down to a local used game store and they had a copy of the...
  • the_randomizer 8

    It would seem I made the wrong choice after all

    Where to begin? Let's start off with what I said about three weeks ago, regarding my job situation, the tech support job didn't work out, in fact, it broke me mentally. Customer service is my kryptonite, something I'm not suited for. Dealing with bitter people, people calling in, bitching about...
  • DarkRioru 0

    what is your opinion of me + other questions

    I want to know what you all think of me... not for some personal reference or gain but, I just want to see entitled opinions of who I am in your eyes... also I want to start a tech review/let's play channel and want to review my coolermaster elite 130 but, the only equipment I have is a kindle...
  • Stephano 16

    Goodbye Charlie, we will miss you.

    On July 24, 2017 at 5:25 PM CT, my dog Charlie "Bean" Dorch finally was put to rest after a year of battling heart failure. This dog had the strongest will I've ever seen. She had survived some very tough things in her life. I can happily say she is no longer gasping for air, and is finally...
  • BlastedGuy9905 15

    I've done a horrible thing

    I replied to a bunch of threads I got a load of alerts I read them all I've gone to sleep with the thought that I have no more alerts I wake up >12 alerts
  • Dionicio3 23

    My sleep schedule is fucked up

    Idk why, but I started to want to stay awake during night time and go to sleep during the day. I wish I can be nocturnal but I can't because life stuff. The days sometimes blend and I get incredibly confused on what day it is and what happened today and what happened yesterday. Anyways, I hate...
  • Felek666 8

    Don't create unnecessary hype

    This is related to 5.5.2 PoC Crunchysploit. Not only you're stressing out developers but also create useless wave of disappointment at the end if it doesn't work out. Then you will be blaming developers for that. Just let them work, don't create useless threads which fuel the hype train even...
  • Stephano 19

    My dog will be put down tomorrow

    Three years ago, my sister Bailey thought that our current dog was getting a little lonely. She never got along well with other dogs, but there was one at the animal shelter she growled at the least. It was a little beagle. The animal shelter said that she was the sweetest girl in there. They...
  • Sonic Angel Knight 12

    Quick thoughts: Anker 20100mAH USB - C Power bank (Charger)

    So incase anyone cared since my last blog post (The one complaining about USPS) I ordered a Power bank. :) [IMG] Now I will give my assessment. Is called the Anker 20100mAH Power bank, and it uses a USB - C cable as you can see and it works okay. I bought this after noticing my Laptop and the...
  • brickmii82 11

    I met someone.

    I was mulling over whether to make this entry, but I think it's best if I do. It's exploding out of me, so here I am. From my previous entries, it's been clear that I still have some baggage from a past relationship. Today I met someone that really has my mind blown. She's gorgeous,...
  • eechigoo 6

    I haven't been here in a month.

    How's everything?
  • dsionr4 3

    Manga Series idea: Color Fever

    So in 2009 i was playing around with my dsi pictochat. Making random drawings cuz i had nothing else to do. Then i saw i could make the pencil into rainbow colors. So here i was drawing things in rainbow color. Then after drawing a few things and sending them to no one( i was the only one in the...
  • brickmii82 7

    For Chris and Chester

  • brickmii82 7

    Moments of glory, idiocy, and everything in-between

    As I'm sure those of you who have seen me recently know, I've begun blogging quite often. It's something I had never given an attempt, or even a thought to. I had nothing against it. I just generally keep to myself. I tend to be a bit reserved, and enjoy curious eyes from people's foray into my...