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  • Commander_Vadeo 8 comments

    short blog ep1

    I finally had the guts to tell this girl i like her, knowing my luck she will probs say no. wish me luck!!!*edit* she replied but im too scared too look alright wtf she looks exactly the same as the girl from camp wtf someone kill me.
  • Darkyose 72 comments

    My relationship with Rose...?(a.k.a the girl I like IRL)

    HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIƍ THERE!!! XD IM BACK WITH ANOTHER (PROBABLY) CRAZY BLOG Lets begin! So yesterday, I was preparing myself to apologize to Rose (err, short story). I went to the place... And surpriseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! She didn't even care about it. But better yet, we conversated like...
  • Amapola62 0 comments

    Help me guess if someone has A9LH or not... Here are the videos showing his/her 2ds booting and his/her SD card content...what do you think...? I'm stumped...
  • Sonic Angel Knight 33 comments

    10 Minutes with Fire Emblem Awakening.

    Okay, about four hours ago.... I started playing Fire Emblem awakening for the first time. I turnend it on and saw the opening video, It looked just like Fire Emblem Fates. After it was done, i started the game.... I named my character rolf. So then it asked me about the difficulty. "Normal,...
  • PokeAcer 10 comments

    Well Hai c:

    Oh hai! :3 So I got my laptop working finally; Never install Kubuntu, it does not have good driver support and Unity is better, considering Unity won't fuck you over with a rusty blue spoon... Now I have Discord Canary so yay beta testing (I've also applied for partnership so the clan I'm in...
  • richardparker 19 comments

    Define my existence on the temp.

    Simple,I want to know what people on GBAtemp think about me. In detail.
  • Nintendo Fanboy 12 comments

    Does this make me a big dumbass?

    Ok, my friend made a deal with me. He gave me one of the hottest pepper in the world. I believe its hotter than a ghost pepper (ate one before). I had to sit there for 3 to 5 minutes chewing, and suffering without going crazy, screaming, or drinking water/milk. Lasted a good 5 minutes. why did I...
  • Sonic Angel Knight 3 comments

    Tokyo Mirage Sessions #KI? (What?) Part 1

    The following dialouge cotains entertainment only understood by me mostly. It is portayed in a personal yet humorous way, weather or not you decide to read, be warned. When we last left our angelic hero Pit, he was preparing for a huge date with the Goddess... No wait that's not right....
  • TheKingy34 29 comments

    I graduated today.

    Hello! I just wanted to let you know I graduated today (or 2 day, if you speak meme language.) I am extremely happy and I hope you all have a great day! Thanks, TheKingy34
  • Ryuzaki_MrL 7 comments

    My first step in academic life

    Being a programmer is my dream since I was only 12, and now it's only a few years away from finally becoming true! I'm very excited about all of this university stuff and how it will turn out to be, yet there's one thing I'm quite worried about... While majority of people are having problems...
  • CeeDee 6 comments

    TV shows

    So I watched an episode of Steven Universe (a show I don't actively watch, It just happened to be what was on. I understand some things about it but not too much of it - I've only watched a few episodes.) and it was fairly okay. It wasn't an episode with too much story detail or anything, but it...
  • dradonhunter11 0 comments

    Why game? WHYYYYYY

    Hello everyone, this is one of those random entries because I found something while I was doing test on pokemon rom [img] Why is it important? Because it pissing me off that when I don't search shiny, I alway find 1 but not contrary... (don't count legendary I reseted). Anyway, there is one...
  • VinLark 4 comments

    Google Cardboard VR

    So, I just got my Google Cardboard free in the mail today. As a person sceptical about VR at first, I have to say that mobile VR is super cool! I don't know about VR on PC but what I have seen on mobile is awesome. While some of the stuff on IOS is little novelty things I found a good airplane...
  • Sonic Angel Knight 8 comments

    Pit's reward or how are deals made with a goddess?

    The following dialouge cotains entertainment only understood by me mostly. It is portayed in a personal yet humorous way, weather or not you decide to read, be warned. When we last left the angelic hero, he was stuck in a traning session with the goddess of light, he begged for mercy to get...
  • Erikku 27 comments

    ohshitohshitohshitohshit my first blahg am gonna be a fucking cancerous emo now

  • TheVinAnator 12 comments

    Summer Plans

    Hey guys! This is my first blog :P, so let's get to it! First off a little bit about me, love roller coasters, favourite food is perogies and my favourite colour is probably lime green! I love computers! And am currently getting started with programming. My first language will be C++...
  • joyoshi 41 comments

    Too hot to sleep

    Too. Hot. Basically, the temperature has risen to 33 degrees Celsius during the day, and that means terrible heat at night. I didn't get any sleep last night and I fear it'll be the same this night. I cannot think of a solution. Opening the window lets more heat in. Lots of things won't work...