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  • astrangeone 0 comments

    Stranger Things Ramble/Theory Machine *spoilers ahoy*

    So I spent the last three days binge-watching Stranger Things. Yes, all 400+ minutes of it. It's a great show - like classic X-Files, blended with Are You Afraid of the Dark and topped with the team spirit of Buffy. So...basically everything a horror/sci-fi fan would love. My first...
  • Chary 18 comments

    Chary's personal top 25 games of all time

    Heyo, avid blog readers of GBAtemp. Whilst waiting for Forza Horizon 3 to download, I've been sitting here just staring at my PC, willing the download to go faster. Of course, that won't work (Or will it?! continues staring intently) so I should actually do something with my time. So I'm going...
  • Autz 4 comments

    3DS battery is halfway dead. Suggestions?

    I made a battery benchmark on my 3DS today to see if i need to buy a newer one or just a Nyko pak. I fully charged it and i follow these settings: -3D: Off -Wireless: Off -Screen brightness: 1 -Sleep Mode: No (always open) I leave it with those setting exactly at 13:00 PM and lasted until...
  • ladypoodle 2 comments

    Social playing certain games?

    This what I always get for not 'fitting in' just to get accepted by my friends. Lately, my Skype friends play a shitton of Overwatch and Smite all day, talking about it in call. ...While I just play obscure/wapanese games that I myself only know and keep whatever I say just to myself. That...
  • blujay 1 comments

    Wow, a lot has happened in a short time

    Sooo... after I bricked my first 3ds, it took me about 3 months to get a n3ds, and now I have finally modded it. Oh, man it feels so good to be back in the scene (sorta). So, what has happened exactly since I left? I know new homebrew sploits and stuff, and more advances in CFW, but has anything...
  • jurassicplayer 1 comments

    3DS Themer Log - Bakemonogatari Day XX

    So today I thought I would finally revisit my Bakemonogatari theme after months of leaving it on my desktop untouched. As per usual, I still have no idea what to make the icon border, but at this point I decided I'd at least toss the towel in and make a release. Worst case, I come up with...
  • DS1 3 comments


    It's finally here, the moment I've been waiting for for 7 years... PERSONA 5 IS OUT!!! This marks the end of video games for me. I'd be happy to continue work on my "learn Japanese... video games" thing, but for right now I'm going to focus on other things (well, actually just Mahjong), as well...
  • SonicCloud 14 comments

    How to...don't stop playing games?

    Yes: How to don't stop? :o You may be wondering : "What are you talking about?" Simple: The problematic-cycle here is the following: 1-Play certain game alot (Looks at MK8) 2-Get a new game i was hyped for 3-Get that game either buying it or calling 1-800-YALLNEEDPIRACY 4-Play it between 3...
  • DarkRiolu264 4 comments

    Yami Entry no.5

    here's a story that I had posted on my town board at 3am when no villagers were awake in acnl: One day Yami looked at cherry and thought, "Damn, she would look good covered in whipped cream." he continued to think about cherry pie until his thoughts were broken by the obsession to look at...
  • Darkyose 27 comments

    Any Good Gamecube, Wii or 3ds games out there?

    Following the title: I mostly like RPGs. But I am somebody who can try any game. I have Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, Almost every Zelda game in the three systems, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Melee, Pokémon Omega Ruby, Yellow, Red, Blue, Crystal, Gold, Silver. And many, MANY other games. Also, you...
  • dogmarch 0 comments

    why am I here? I should be workin'

    boop, I need to finish my proposal for a sports complex due this saturday, and I haven't done shiz. now I'm on gbatemp procrastinating. D: I learned how to make origami hearts, tho. gj, Dogmarch.
  • Crystal the Glaceon 19 comments

    So important stuff

    To the most likely 20 people who PM me regularly and all the people watching my threads, you may have noticed I haven't been answering as many questions as I used, answering my messages regularly, updating my threads, ect. Well there are reasons for this. First, I am a full time manager now, so...
  • Touko White 9 comments

    Flash/JS/Java Emulators for the Web

    Hi, I've (well, not me, but one of the users) decided to add a game section on my site which uses NESBox. Just to ask, are there other emulators for other consoles that I could add to it? Specifically looking for: Master System Game Gear Neo Geo Nintendo 64* Also, are there any...
  • Demifiend 10 comments

    I don't trust game reviews.

    Somehow or other, it seems that the game that i'm always interested on is somehow bashed by the critics, it is not the kind of game like "Superman 64" or "Sonic 2006" which are widely considered among the worst games ever made, no, it seems that reviews have more against "niche" titles, what do...
  • Autz 5 comments

    This "game" is good!

    There's a lot of games for 3DS which i find amazing and addicting, like SSB4, Kid Icarus and more. But i recently found at random a tiny game that is 10mb of space, so i tested it out of curiosity and is amazing! And is called: SmileBASIC For people who don't know, SmileBASIC is a BASIC...
  • Darkyose 43 comments

    School Life update.

    How are you tempers??? I know you were so hyped about my next blog!/s Aaaaaaaand... 3, 2, 1... So school has been cool lately. The only bad thing is too many homeworks and Spanish Class... But apart from that, I've gained new friends! And something weird has been happening to me... Like,...