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  • Megalegacy98

    Gamestop almost cheated me!

    And I thought Gamestop was cool! Gamestop almost cheated me today. So when I went to Gamestop for Black Friday (pretty much today), I was shopping for a 2DS, specifically a Sea Green one with Mario Kart 7 because I wanted to have a hackable 2DS. The price tag said $129.99 and I thought, it's ok,...
  • Taleweaver

    Steam controller review

    So...after reading plenty of reviews - both positive and negative - I've decided to just go ahead and get my own steam controller. I figured there simply wouldn't be any way to actually know without trying it myself. This review is currently after some hours of playing with it. Keep in mind...
  • ComeTurismO

    Life Update again

    So my dad was discharged from the hospital last Saturday, but the hospital got my dad a nurse who will visit him every day and makes sure he gets his lunch and his medications, he even has this IV machine connected to him. His kidneys are slightly better, but the side effects of taking a lot of...
  • DarkRiolu264

    My feelings towards nintendo and its consoles

    I always loved Nintendo and I still do to this day and I love their consoles and features. Do you want a more in depth explanation of what I think of Nintendo?? well.... I love the consoles to the ends of the world; there is not one day that my family doesn't see me using a Nintendo console....
  • NuikopeaDemon

    Might be the Biggest Regret or a Great Find

    So today its 12pm Thursday In New Zealand and I just recently bought the Valve Collection for NZ$ 29.99 which is normally NZ$ 119.99 I am wondering did I make a Big Regret or Great Find Well Considering I am mostly an offline Player maybe its a Big Regret Only Time will tell on this *Laughs*...
  • Margen67

    My first FL Studio song

    Hi. I've been on Soundcloud for a while, and I'd appreciate it if you could listen to my newest track. :) Thanks. -Margen67
  • AtlanticBit

    the 3ds scene is rotten.

    i had been taking a break from gbatemp for a long time now. i've came back and i'm really disappointed. all you want is piracy. you even (sometimes) harass haxlords just to get l33th4x for your 3ds. ctrepo(cydia3ds),salt(karl3ds) and many other projects were not released for a reason. it's also...
  • 100pcrack

    Moving Blog

    Hello Gbatemp: I have decided to move my blog out of Gbatemp. You can view it now on Sorry for the inconvenience and, Keep 0n Watch1ng!
  • Jacklack3

    Jack's First Entry.

    So! This is my first entry!... :-)
  • 2Hack

    Sad Reality

    So today was another sub par day of the week. Today, though, I was really hurt by the events I witnessed. My eyes are burning, but I gotta get this off my chest. If you have any experience with abusive relationships or such, you may want to back out now. I know trigger warnings are a thing for a...
  • Sterillo

    Before you spend lots of $ for <9.2 3DS Read this!

    As many of us in the homebrew community are here, not by choice, but because we don't have custom firmware, we wish we had a 9.2 3ds. Don't quote me but I am pretty sure that most 2DS if not all are on firmware less than 9.2 (unless purchased used). Because the law (at least in america) is that...
  • Jwiz33

    Could be considered good news or bad news.

    My school sadly, but finally blocked I can no longer access it on any school device, and those were what I normally used to go on GBATemp. I will now only be on during the weekends and some week days. So that's good for those who hate me, but bad for anyone who thinks I am cool B-)
  • oxenh

    Metal Gear Solid Series

    Hi, long time i donĀ“t write anything. I was playing MGSV: the phantom pain, and i decided to search for my metal gear games and replayed a bit on each one to make a comparative between games. Is very surprising how the games evolved by the pass of the years. Metal Gear Solid was the first game...
  • 100pcrack

    First Entry!

    Hello Gbatemp: Today, I start my personal blog. Here, I will post my researches, interesting 3DScene things, Releases... Keep 0n Watch1ng!
  • ComeTurismO

    Life Update

    I'm right now going through a lot at the moment. Yesterday, a hospital in Downtown Toronto called my dad over and said he must be admitted to the hospital immediately, because his illness is making his kidneys worse. I spent the whole day yesterday waiting for the nurses and doctors to come and...
  • LuxerWap

    LuxerWap's Quest to Cubic Hunting!: (FINALE) All In A 7 Days Work!

    I can't believe I finally holding Cubic Ninja right now! I'm just as shocked as a shocked person. The hype for this game was priceless! I can now install Ninjhax and cherish this game as one of the best games I ever had. Congrats, Cubic Ninja! You SOMEHOW managed to be in my top 10 Greatest...