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    Legend Of Legacy in Nintendo 3DS

    Legend Of Legacy is a game developed by Furyu and published by Atlus (in US), in this game you are an adventurer whose path is determined by the character you pick
    Posted by Sinon, Nov 23, 2015 at 3:07 AM  0
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    Undertale in Computer

    With rave reviews from both critics and Steam users, Undertale has established quite a large fanbase. How well does the game live up to these ratings?
    Posted by endoverend, Oct 30, 2015  20
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    Kirby Triple Deluxe in Retro

    Kirby Triple Deluxe is the latest "platformer" Kirby game released for any Nintendo console, without counting Rainbow Curse which isn't a platformer, rather, a follow up of Canvas Curse, a game...
    Posted by Demifiend, Oct 25, 2015  3
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    Splatterhouse in Xbox 360

    Do you like Unicorns, Tigers, and Baby Monkeys if you said YES to all them....
    Posted by NuikopeaDemon, Sep 28, 2015  0
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    Metal Gear Solid V in PlayStation 4

    Does the game deliver on the promise of delivering the missing link in the Big Boss story or does it fall flat as the final entry in the Metal Gear saga? METAAAAAAAL GEEE--SAHLENATROPHUS
    Posted by soulx, Sep 28, 2015  3
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    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain in PlayStation 3

    28 year passed and Metal Gear is still a mammoth of a franchise. This is Kojima's final baby at Konami and tries to finally drop the clunkyness of it's predecessors gameplay while completing the Metal...
    Posted by XrosBlader821, Sep 19, 2015  8