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    Ninja Arashi in Android

    Created by the studio Black Panther games, this is their first attempt at make a video game.
    Posted by lcie nimbus, May 21, 2017  1
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    Linx Vision 8" Gaming Tablet in Hardware

    The Linx Vision gaming tablet is one of the more 'able' portable PC gaming solutions on the market, aiming to bring modern-day PC gaming and Xbox One streaming to the very palm of consumers' hands.
    Posted by Voxel, Apr 22, 2017  0
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    Sonic Colors in Nintendo Wii

    A 3D and 2D, fast paced, adrenaline inducing, sarcastic and humorous, Sonic the Hedgehog game.
    Posted by Dr.Hacknik, Apr 12, 2017  1
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    Snake Pass in Nintendo Switch

    The Result of Sumo Digital's foray into Noodle Physics, have they created more than a concept piece?
    Posted by x65943, Apr 6, 2017  3
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    Honey Select in Computer

    Honey Select takes everything you know about the H-game genre and revamps it. With upgraded graphics, mods, the easiest character customization and sharing features, and EVEN a VR mode, some people...
    Posted by VinLark, Apr 1, 2017  1
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    Blaster Master -Zero- in Nintendo Switch

    Blaster Master Zero is a Nintendo E-shop exclusive game for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS Systems. The game plays much like Metroid and Castlevania games, creating the trending term "Metroid-Vania"...
    Posted by Sonic Angel Knight, Mar 21, 2017  11