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Computer Reviews

Check out our latest computer game reviews. PC games are traditionally intended for the core gaming community, seeing as contemporary systems that are the host to games we now qualify as 'casual' are usually settled in the living room, connected to a TV. An increasingly small majority of franchises turn out to be available on both computers (Windows, and too rarely OSX and Linux) and consoles. It comes down to our reviewers whether they prefer reviewing a game on the PC or on their console - knowing that in most if not all cases a game will look better on the PC, assuming your PC comes with a decent video card.
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    Overwatch is Blizzard Entertainment's latest IP, and for a first game in a new series, it has done pretty well for itself. The game is a "MOBA-FPS", or an FPS with team-based/objective-based gameplay,...
    Posted by ItsKipz, Dec 10, 2016  3
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    Killing Floor 2 Official Review

    2016 has been blessed with some pretty neat First Person Shooters which raised the bar for following games in the genre. How does Killing Floor 2 fare amidst the competition? Read on to find out!
    Posted by Prans Dunn, Nov 21, 2016  34
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    Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour

    I really wish Gearbox didn't do this....
    Posted by NuikopeaDemon, Oct 14, 2016  3
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    Aragami Official Review

    A pure incarnation of the stealth genre awaits in Aragami. Is the no-frills rogue action varied enough to feel fresh?
    Posted by Alex McAuliffe, Oct 6, 2016  5
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    F1 2016 Official Review

    High speed thrills meet realistic simulation in the newest installment of the Formula 1 series. Is it a first place finish or a mid-race wreck?
    Posted by Alex McAuliffe, Aug 18, 2016  1
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    I Am Setsuna Official Review

    Can Square's latest RPG stand as both a homage to the JRPG greats as well as a fresh, engaging experience?
    Posted by Alex McAuliffe, Jul 20, 2016  11
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    Welcome to the Game

    Welcome to the Game. A vague title for a dark subject. For $1.99 USD, is this game worth it?
    Posted by TheGrayShow1467, Jul 5, 2016  0
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    Lost Sea Official Review

    In Lost Sea, the threat of permadeath looms over a daring escape from the mysterious Bermuda Triangle. Is its mobile-like structure fun enough to be a decent console experience?
    Posted by Alex McAuliffe, Jul 5, 2016  2
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    The Technomancer Official Review

    In a dystopian future on barren Mars, The Technomancer follows a super-powered government officer who is determined to find his own path in this dismal setting. Is the game unique enough to stand out...
    Posted by Alex McAuliffe, Jun 28, 2016  8
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    Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter Official Review

    Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter is the latest entry in the Sherlock Holmes adventure series by Frogwares. Featuring a brand new Holmes, The Devil’s Daughter takes a turn from the standard...
    Posted by Tom Bond, Jun 9, 2016  3

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