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    Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Let's not just give this game free points because it's a Nintendo RPG on the Switch with anime characters.
    Posted by Robfozz, Dec 7, 2017  0
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    Batman: The Telltale Series Official Review

    Batman: The Telltale Series for the Switch is a port of Telltale Games' 2016 title of the same name. You assume the role of Batman and his alter ego, Bruce Wayne, trying to save Gotham and learning...
    Posted by Christopher Otero, Dec 4, 2017  6
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    Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Official Review

    Walking with Titans.
    Posted by Scarlet Bell, Nov 30, 2017  71
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    Puyo Puyo Tetris

    Puyo Puyo Tetris is the game born of two popular puzzle games in two different parts of the world made over 25 years ago. Developed by Sonic Team, and published by Sega, this single game combines both...
    Posted by Sonic Angel Knight, Nov 6, 2017  4
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    Mayflash Magic-NS Switch Adapter

    The Nintendo Switch is an excellent console, don't get me wrong, I love it to bits, but when playing Mario Kart I did not really like the feel of the comfort grip on the Joy con controllers for...
    Posted by I_AM_L_FORCE, Oct 31, 2017  1
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    Super Mario Odyssey Official Review

    Nintendo's latest Mario game is here, and expectations are high. Let's take a trip with Mario Odyssey, and see how it stacks up!
    Posted by Krista Noren, Oct 26, 2017  144
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    Fire Emblem Warriors Official Review

    Check out the latest license to get the Omega Force treatment, Fire Emblem Warriors.
    Posted by Thomas Hugh, Oct 18, 2017  28
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    SteamWorld Dig 2 Official Review

    Miners Wanted.
    Posted by Scarlet Bell, Oct 11, 2017  9
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    Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Official Review

    A journey into the Mushroom Kingdom like no other awaits.
    Posted by Scarlet Bell, Sep 7, 2017  16
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    Severed Official Review

    Sasha Through the Looking Glass.
    Posted by Scarlet Bell, Aug 11, 2017  0
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    Splatoon 2 Official Review

    Splatoon 2 is a team-based third-person shooter available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.
    Posted by Jakub Kowalski, Jul 22, 2017  54
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    Cars 3: Driven To Win Official Review

    Sick of Mario Kart 8? Here is Cars 3!
    Posted by Thomas Hugh, Jul 17, 2017  24
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    Mighty Gunvolt Burst

    Mighty Gunvolt Burst is the official Sequel to the previous game, following the classic Retro 8-Bit NES Inspired gameplay and graphics this game takes on a more familiar approach most early gamers...
    Posted by Sonic Angel Knight, Jun 22, 2017  8
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    Disgaea 5: Complete Official Review

    One of the best strategy RPG's has made its way to the Nintendo Switch before the 4 millionth Fire Emblem could. Rest assured, I'm here to tell you why you should care way more about this game! This...
    Posted by Austin Trujillo, Jun 15, 2017  17
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    ARMS Official Review

    ARMS is the first 3D brawler to release on the Nintendo Switch. Is it a knock out? Let's take a look!
    Posted by Thomas Hugh, Jun 12, 2017  44

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