ZombiU Item Cloning Glitch

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    So, an item cloning glitch was discovered in this game! The original post is from GameFAQs but the guys original post ins't that easy to understand for most but here is someone who commented post.

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    Thanks for sharing that.
    But I don't have enough items in the chest anyway.

    I lost the riffle and I can't get it anymore :(

    I hate the revival system of that game. I lost all my items because I died before finding my previous character who had all my items.
    Now I'm item empty, 6 bullets and a bat.
    I lost interest in playing carefully, as it doesn't allow you to recover your items. just restart the game many times and run into zombies without items, start again.

    The item duplicate glitch could be useful, storing a gun and bullets in column 7 will always ensure that you never see that item disappear from the game, like mine :(
    Why the game don't keep track of ALL your died characters?