Question Yuzu horrible performance after hardware upgrade

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    I had a i5-3470 + 16gb ddr3 + gtx 1060, mario in yuzu ran with around 15-20 fps, cemu most games 60 fps.
    I had an opportunity to sell my computer and get a new one with little extra money.

    now I got a ryzen 5 2600 + 16gb ddr4 3000 + rx 580. mario runs with 2 fps, cemu with 40-50 fps most of the time, I really didn't expect that. normal games seems to run fine.
    is this supposed to run this bad or is anything wrong? had a clean win10 install + newest driver.
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    Have you tried the latest canary build of Yuzu? The downgrade to an AMD chip could have been what took the performance dive.
  3. MaGosT

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    I believe AMD -carda are still not fully supported which would be the issue at hand.
    The CPU being subpar for this kind of emulation isn't the best either but it shouldn't be worse than your old i5. That being said a newer Intel CPU would have been better for cemu/yuzu as their chips achieve higher clocks both out of the box and when overclocked :)