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    Jun 23, 2010
    ok. i remember this 'how to get ysmenu to work on r4' topic and reading that you can put gba emulators (snes advance,pocket nes etc) in the DSTT folder.

    well does that mean that you can select a rom and then it willl boot up the rom in the nes emu if its a nes game etc without the use of a slot 2 flash cart or the ram pack.

    it dide not say a slot 2 flashcart was nedded to run the roms in the emu.

    Quot from thread.

    It automatically plays .nes, .gbc, & .gb (and maybe more) as long as you have the GBA emulator version of one of these devices in the root directory. (eg. goomba.gba or pocknes.gba) There's no more need to load the emulator first, so basically just load the games from the directory and it'll load the proper emulator for the game you chose. (eg. you loaded Ninja Turtles.nes, it'll automatically load the the pocketnes emulator to boot the game.

    so do i need a slot 2 flash cart or does bthe ds have anofe mem to run and load the emus for the gba (poket nes etc)?
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    You still need the slot-2, ysmenu just autoloads the correct emulator needed (similar to moonshell2's extlink).