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Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by BobDavis69, Jan 7, 2015.

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    Jan 6, 2015
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    I have no clue if this is a problem with my cart or the software I got, I am kind of a noob. Anyways, I got a cart last march. It came with outdated software(not sure what version, I guess the latest as of that time). I am running a R4i RTS 3ds on a DSi and a DS lite if that matters.

    Anyways, it seems the cart came with a outdated version of a YS menu. Here are my results:
    Outdated kernel and Ys, untouched: worked, but would't play my games
    Updated Kernel with old YSmenu:Doesn't load
    updated kernel with newest YSmenu: Screen is white, showing what the software could do, but remains blank. Most likely a lock up before anything loads
    back to original kernel via backup with untouched Ys menu: Now it doesn't work, shows me a stock: wrong software, contact the manufacturer" bullshit
    Original kernel with new YS menu: Same as both the newest kernel and the menu

    That shows me that the firmware is not the problem, that means that I must be getting a wrong, or incomplete, download for my YSmenu. I got everything from the official website
    (Yes, my DS cart says "Revolution for DS" in the lower part of the cart, if that matters"

    Like I said, I am completely new. I tried fiddling with different kernels, software, every website seems outdated and says something different.

    So as of now, 2015, what should I do to make sure my software is up to date and can play anygame I want? I got a few games I want to decrypt as well, I assume that YSmenu will make things go smoother. Can somebody give me up to date instructions and links to help me run some games that don't work for me no matter what, like black and white 2, along with more obscure titles like the newly translated Ayanami Raising project? patching doesn't work, however heartgold did work after patching for whatever reason. Thank you in advance.
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