YoutubeChannel and WiiMC making problems

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    Jun 14, 2013
    Hello Tempers,

    I had real trouble with this. It started and as soon as i watched a video it bufferd for about 30 seconds and then a message appeared that the video i just startet watching isn't available. Then skipping to the next video it didn't load anymore.

    What i did so far:
    I removed the app from my sd and its data from internal memory via options-menu. I gave a static ip to my wlan-configuration filled both dns-server-adresses with my routers ip and set mtu to 1500. then i redownloaded the app but this time to internal memory.

    Now it nearly works, but i don't know what to do to solve my last problem. After watching a few videos it doesnt show thumpnails and wont start any video it just starts buffering but nothing happens.

    WiiMC looses connection to radiostrams after about 18 minutes, buffers and then nothing happens.

    I guess both problems are relating somehow. Youtube works again after restart of the app. WiiMC after restart of the console.

    Would be great if someone has an idea helping to find out what is wrong with my wii.


    It seems as if i've found the missing configuration. On my search for a solution for my problem i found a post on i-don't-remember-wich-website. There somebody told that wifi-channel 11 is best for wii. After reading this i took a look into my routers options. There wifichannel-choice was set to auto. Switching this to 11 seems to have solved the problem.
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