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    Hi to all!, I wanted to ask a question about the Youtube App,yes, I know is a lot better to use the Internet Web Browser, however the problem I have with this is the resolution, the Wii U max resolution for videos is 720p even if the video is at 1080p, is there a way to put 1080p resolution in the Youtube app? (I tried the browser even changing the browser agent and nothing, the resolution is still capped at 720p).
    Also, you may ask about my internet connection, I tried to watch the same video in my PC at 1080p and it works without any problem, so my internet is fine.

    Thanks for reading my problem!

    Here is an screenshot so you know what I'm talking about:

    As you can see, the video is at 1920x1080p, however it's playing at just 1280x720p on the Wii U (I don't care about frame rate).