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    Nov 21, 2005
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    Normally I would have just said dyndns (it works, it is probably in your router and if not has update clients on every platform going and is free) but the last few years they have stopped offering a simple free service unless you sign up for a month with a card (fortunately I was grandfathered in) and I recently got an email to say you have to sign in to their site once a month (simple update clients do not cut it any more), if my dealings with insurance companies are anything to go by that means 6 hours prior to cancellation (2am naturally) I will get an email worded to hit every spam filter going and thus lose the account. A static IP is not really an option if for no other reason than if I go live somewhere else for a few months for a contract or something I will want to take my computer with me and remote in when running around.

    When setting up various network enabled security cameras of all things I have found a bunch of them but most seem to be based somewhere in Asia with sites that scream "mickey mouse operation". All the others that were supported in various routers I have dealt with seem to no longer be in operation. http://dnslookup.me/dynamic-dns/ seems to be a nice enough list but as many around here do run their own servers for games, remote access, tunneling and other fun stuff so I thought I would ask here too.

    I do have toy shared hosting (basic apache, php, linux CGI, perl and mysql) and a few free domain names if there is the option to run your own script somewhere. I would prefer a DNS option but that is mainly so I can be a flash bastard and via the magic of cnames appear as though as I am going into my own domain*, to that end I can accept a simple "ping from ???.???.???.???" script and go via IP address if it comes to it (I saw a few others do something like this for VPN with XMPP if nothing else).

    *some of the freeware VPN and remote access/fixing options can use it to call me up and thus start contact but I am not especially tied to those.

    Fortunately I have not had any clients on these services or that would not be fun but that might change in years to come as more people grow to like the better VOIP options than skype and other fun things you can do when you can serve your own content.
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