You need to update this app to start error fix

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    Yes this is actually a fix not me asking for help. See recently I found that I had a couple of items on my PS4 that stopped working saying I have to update them before I can use them well I was able to get them working (although I broke DLC and my saves for fallout trying to do so. So I highly recommend dumping and backing up everything before you try this.)

    WARNING this will most likely break saves maybe even deactivate DLC activation. (It shouldn't I think I just made a mistake and deletes the wrong stuff on my fallout 4 game.)

    Anyways to remove the error I enabled the debug settings via the HEN. Once enabled I blocked all App updates (there are a couple ways to do this. I'll share my method in a separate thread.

    After blocking app updates

    Select the broken app
    Press options
    Choose the delete option with the star next to it (the other one will remove the entire game or app)
    Uncheck all boxes except for delete temp data and delete patch
    Select delete
    Reinstall the latest 5.05 compatible update for your app (there are tutorials on doing this else where please try Google)
    Run game and enjoy