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    Aug 23, 2007
    i was looking at a few youtube videos about restoring Yellowed consoles, like SNES or Super Famicom. apparently Nintendo decided to put Bromine in the plastic to make it fire retardant. it violently reacts with UV light and turns consoles yellow.

    retro gamers will swear up and down that the yellow reaction is into the entire plastic, and merely sanding it down and painting over it is useless, because the chemical reaction is making the case Brittle. they say you have make up some special Goo with hydrongen peroxide and bake the snes in the sun. but then i see something LIKE THIS:


    WHAT the hell is going on in this picture. only the front plastic piece, and the Power part is showing any sighns of yellowing. If the sun was shining onto the entire console, it would all be yellow, not one piece of it.

    did the factory stockpile various pieces in the assembly, and change the plastic mixture intermittently. if thats the case, then should i buy several Famicom consoles and swap out the "good parts" would this result in a permanent "white" console?
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    It's really hard to say. The front panel in Super Famicoms definitely doesn't seem to be from the from batch of plastics as the rest of the console though. the Super Famicom I have has the same problem, but in reverse. The botton is slightly yellowed, the top is brown and really brittle and the nameplate... is kind of OK.

    What's really interesting on that one is the power button. That yellowed lip around the switch IS THE SAME PIECE OF PLASTIC as the side of the case.

    edit: I tell a lie. It is on the reset button. There's actually a separate plastic piece under the power switch, which may not be the same plastic as the main shell.